What are elemental heroes?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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elemental heroes are yu gi oh monsters. they belong to Jaden Yuki in Yu GI OH GX there are a large variety of elemental heroes and many spell and trap cards made specifically for them. but they dont work well in the deck

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Q: What are elemental heroes?
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How many elementle heroes are there?

There are currently 57 released Elemental Hero monsters (not including Neo-Spacians, Evil Heroes, Destiny Heroes, Vision Heroes, and other "Hero" monsters without the Elemental Hero namesake).For more information on the Elemental Hero series, click on the "Related Link" below.

Which is not a part of a NEO?

all of the monsters except elemental heroes evil heroes and neo spacians

What are all the elemental heroes yu gi oh?

elemental hero avian elemental hero bladegge elemental hero wild heart elemental hero bubbleman elemental hero clayman elemental hero phenox elemental hero sparkman the rest are fusion

What pack can you find elemental heroes?

It is found in card stores.

Are Evil heroes Elemental heroes and Destiny heroes all the same and explain why?

They all belong to a group of heros. Depending on what special abillities they have.

Are there elemental heroes in Yu-Gi-Oh 5ds tag force 4?

Are the elemental heros in tag force 4

Do you get the elemental heroes in world championship 2010 Yu-Gi-Oh?


Is an elemental hero deck better than destiny hero?

Elemental heroes have many more cards than destiny heroes, so a greater possibility for combos exist. Destiny heroes are good at stalling when you use clock tower prision and have great draw power.

How many elemental hero cards are there?

Erm no, there are only fifty of them, I've counted the merged also. In all there are sixty five. doto the fact most of the heroes can merege. if you count the neospacians there are seventy. the main five are avian, sparkman, clayman, burstinatrix, and bubble man. There are exactly 50 Elemental Heroes. You can find a list of all Elemental Heroes in the related link below. Note: Not all of the Elemental Heroes are released (yet) in the OCG.

What card pack do you get elemental heroes in?

you can get them from the ra yellow pack it has burstinatrix sparkman and so on

In Yu-Gi-Oh GX who is the Enemy of Justice?

It is the Destiny Heroes. They represent supervillians, in the same way as the Elemental Heroes are the superheroes, the 'justice'.

Do you have to use polymerization for elemental heroes?

No, polymerization is a fusion spell card used to fuse multiple monsters to summon a new fusion monster. It is not necessary to use polymerization to summon Elemental HERO monsters, as there are other fusion substitute cards and support cards that can be used instead.