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Enable Code (Must Be On)
90424CD8 0C1092DE

Max/Inf Money
2079B68C 3B9AC9FF

Max Money Buying/Selling Items
20105FDC AC66B68C

Max Courage
007973F4 000000FF

Max Knowledge
007973F6 000000FF

Max Diligence
007973F8 000000FF

Max Understanding
007973FA 000000FF

Max Expression
007973FC 000000FF

Yukiko's Persona - Max Stats
20796FD0 63636363
00796FD4 00000063

Rise's Persona - Max Stats
20797058 63636363
0079705C 00000063

Kanji's Persona - Max Stats
207970E0 63636363
007970E4 00000063

Naoto's Persona - Max Stats
20797168 63636363
0079716C 00000063

Kuma's Persona - Max Stats
207971F0 63636363
007971F4 00000063

What is below is untested. Please test for confirmation:

All Persona can be fused without Level restriction
202ef884 24010000
202f055c 24010000
202f5350 24010000
202f6314 24010000
202f8d3c 24010000
202f9798 24010000

Enemies Fully Analyzed (only while code is enabled)
201f09ec 24020001

After Battle codes

HP SP Recovery After battle
201b5a3c 00000000

After battle exp modifier 2x
2021e00c 10000004
2021e010 00021040
2x= 040
4x= 0c0
8x= 100

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Q: What are codebreaker codes for persona 4?
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