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You have to go to Crossfire's mall page, deposit some ZP (formally SP), and buy armor.

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Q: How do you get armor in crossfire game?
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When was Crossfire - video game - created?

Crossfire - video game - was created in 1981.

When did Crossfire - video game - happen?

Crossfire - video game - happened in 1981.

Is crossfire a fun game?

yes, Crossfire is a very entertaining online game.

What is status for in CrossFire?

the status in crossfire, is to show how good you are at the game. IE: First Lieutenant.

How do you fix Crossfire?

simply delete all of its files, then use a uninstaller. Next, re-download Crossfire.. and voila! your crossfire game works. :P

Who is the creator of the game crossfire?

z8 games

Is crossfire free?

Yes, it is a free game.

What type of game is crossfire?

crossfire is a military based first person, online game. It is a first person shooter, actually very fun to play.

Which company developed the PC game CrossFire?

The PC game "Crossfire" was developed by South Korean company SmileGate. It is a first person shooter (FPS) game and can be played in many different modes.

How do you put z8 points in crossfire?

Buy Ecoins in stores Enter the code go to the site where you downloaded that game /crossfire/

Does crossfire contain a virus?

no, Crossfire is a completely safe game. Also, for further confirmation.. the publisher is trusted by millions of people who play crossfire. The publisher is z8games.- also i downloaded spybot. on there and ran it it found alot of things, but none to do with crossfire

Can you put game files on the sandisk cruzer crossfire?

yes, just make sure the entire program file for crossfire is on the sandisk.