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Level up,give special iteams,do a special thing you may need to do to tht?

okayyyyy well there u r goodniteyy


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Q: What are all the things you can use to evolve Pokemon and how do you use them?
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What are all the pokemon that evolve with stones?

Eevee use stone to evolve

What level does all Pokemon evolve?

It depends on the Pokemon. Some of them you have to evolve by using stones. Others don't evolve at all. There is not one level that all Pokemon evolve at(unless you use an everstone on them until level 99, then level it up once more to level 100, but that would be a waste of time).

What level blissey evolve?

Blissey doesn't evolve, buddy. Check out for all your Pokemon questions... like use the pokedex there to find out all information about any Pokemon.

What level do Pokemon in in Pokemon soul silver half 2 be 2 evolve?

Pokemon that evolve with levels have certain levels, all of them are different. Some don't evolve by levels, and either have to be happy or use an evolutionary stone.

What do you do with the glowing stone in Pokemon pearl?

use to evolve pokemon that can evolve only by trading

How do you use a moonstone to evolve a Pokemon?

get a moonstone. get a Pokemon that can evolve with a moonstone. go to your bag. choose the moonstone. choose use. select your Pokemon. Congrats on your new Pokemon

What Pokemon use the shiny stone to evolve?

Togetic, Roselia, and Chillarmy all use the Shiny Stone.

How do you use the devaluation stone on Pokemon vortex?

to use the devaluation stone on pokemon vortex you need to have no i mean no stones at all, then click EVOLVE and you will have a fossilised pokemon :):):):):):) have fun!! ^

Can riolu evolve with one star IQ in Pokemon mystery doungen?

All I know is that you need to use an item to evolve Rioulu

What does eggcecutor evolve into in Pokemon?

Eggcecutor will not evolve into any other pokemon. Its Exeggcute and then Eggcecutor. To evolve Exeggcute you have to use a Leaf Stone.

When do Pokemon evolve completely in FireRed?

You will know when pokemon evolve completely when they don't attempt to evolve when you train it, use items on it or trade.

What does evee evolve into in Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen?

evee can evole into three things in firered and leafgreen. it can evolve into flareon if you use the fire stone, jolteon if you use the thunder stone, or vaporeon if you use the water stone.