What are all the keyblades?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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  1. kingdom key
  2. jungle king
  3. three wishes
  4. crabclaw
  5. pumpkin head
  6. fairy harp
  7. wishing star
  8. spellbinder
  9. metal chocobo
  10. olympia
  11. lionheart
  12. divine rose
  13. oathkeeper
  14. obilvion
  15. lady luck
  16. ultima weapon
  17. star seeker
  18. hidden dragon
  19. heros crest
  20. monochrome
  21. Follow the wind
  22. circle of life
  23. photon debugger
  24. gullwing
  25. rumbling rose
  26. guardian soul
  27. wishes lamp
  28. decisive pumpkin
  29. sweet memories
  30. wonder of abyss
  31. sleeping lion
  32. bond of flame
  33. fatal crest
  34. fenrir
  35. ultime weapon
  36. way to dawn


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Q: What are all the keyblades?
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Where did the Keyblades come from in Kingdom Hearts 3?

They were the keyblades of all the wasted masters

Is there lifesize Keyblades?

I belive that there are lifesized keyblades, and that if there are not then there will be next year when i make one.

What is a website where you can find all the keyblades to buy?

i think maybe

Who designed the keyblades in the game Kingdom Hearts?

The keyblades, along with the characters and worlds, were designed by Tetsuya Nomura.

What does each keyblades in Kingdom Hearts stand for?

The keyblades stand for each of the worlds Sora visit or a memory of Sora's.

How can you unlock all the keyblades in kingdom hearts Chain of Memories?

with the key to rewards and the moogle shop

What do keyblades look like in Kingdom Hearts 2?

There are various Keyblades in the game. Try going to Google Images to look at them.

Where can you keyblades in Kansas?

They aren't real.

Where are keyblades sold?

they don't exist

How do you get new keyblades?

Advance the storyline

Can you level up the keyblades in kingdom hearts 2?

I don't think so. I think that the Keyblades are just as strong as the person wielding them.

What is Xion's keyblade?

Xion can use all the keyblades in Mission Mode, although her primary keyblade is the Kingdom Key.