What are all the ice type moves?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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I really can't remember ALL of the ice-type moves :( , but some r very popular, such as sheer cold(1-hit KO), ice shard(always hits 1st), blizzard, ice beam, avalanche, hail, powder snow, ice punch and ice fang.


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Q: What are all the ice type moves?
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What is Zapdos weakness?

rock and ice type + moves right for all poeple

Which Pokemon type is the Best Grass or Ice?

ice type moves

What moves are super effective against ice Pokemon?

Grass type moves and ground type moves.

How do you beat Cynthia's Garchomp?

Use ice type moves or dragon type moves. You should use a Weavile, or a Floatzel or Starmie with ice type moves. There are several other options...

What are dragon Pokemon weak against?

Dragon type Pokemon are weak against Ice, Dragon, and Fairy type moves.

What moves does Kyuren learn?

dragon and ice type moves are my opinion

How do you defeat Gardenia without a fire type?

Use ice type moves. If you don't have any ice Pokemon with ice moves, get an evee and evolve it into Glacion with a dawn stone.

What is the weakness of ice type in Pokemon Pearl?

Ice type Pokemon in Pokemon Pearl are weak to fighting type moves, rock type moves steel type moves and fire type moves. This has not changed since the first generation (Pokemon Red and Blue/Green) when the steel type did not exist.

What is lapras' weakness?

Lapras is a Water and Ice type Pokemon so Electric type moves, Fighting type moves, Rock type moves and Grass type moves will be super effective.

What beats gost poke'mon?

ghost pokemon Fire Type Moves... Ice Type Moves... Electric Moves... Just do not use... Normal and Fighting Type Moves....

What type of moves hurt flying types in Pokemon emerald?

Electric, rock and ice type moves.

What type is salamence?

Like Dragonite, Salamence is a Dragon and Flying type. It's only weaknessess are: Ice type moves Rock type moves Dragon type moves