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You can catch a lot of fire types but in loads of different places but the best bet would be to choose Cyndaquil at the start

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Q: What are all the fire types you can get in soul silver?
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How do you beat a dragon type with a fire type in soul silver?

Might not work with all fire types, but I taught my arcanine dragon pulse

How do you get the fire red and LeafGreen starters on soul silver?

All those pokemon would need to be migrated to Heartgold/Soulsilver.

How do you beat ash on Pokemon soul silver?

You have to have a fire type to beat a forretress because forretress is a fire and steel type, which fire could beat.

What moves are affective to quagsire in Pokemon SoulSilver?

earth, fire, and grass are all super affective to quagsire in Pokemon soul silver

Can vuplix only evolve with a fire stone in soul silver?

vulpix evolves into ninetails after you give it a fire stone. trust me, i have all Pokemon games for gbc, gba, and ds.

What level doesvulpix evolve on soul silver?

Give it a fire stone, but only once it gets to level 47 and learns all of its moves.

Do you need all 8 badges for silver wing in soul silver?


Cheat codes for masterballs in soul silver?

You'll need an Action Replay suited for your DS and one of the codes will be 900 of all types of Pokeballs.

Can you catch all the legandaries in soul silver?

not all all but there is alot of them

Codes to get all Pokemon on soul silver?


What aporcots can make balls in soul silver?

all of them

What do you do after you get all the starters in Pokemon soul silver?

Train them!