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i think it goes unknown, undistinguished, prominent, celebrated, distinguished, national hero, world renowned.

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Q: What are all the fame levels on fifa 11?
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What reward do you get at fame level 4 on FIFA 11?

The reward that you get at fame level 4 on FIFA 11 is that you become a fan favorite.

Which is better svr 11 or FIFA 11?

fifa all the way

Can you play for your country on fifa 12 be a pro?

But you got to reach Fame Level 11 in 5 seasons!

What is FIFA 11 graffics like?

the same as all the other fifa's

Which is better FIFA 11 or FIFA 12?


Why isn't there international play in career mode on FIFA 11?

there is get to 10 fame level and after season 5 you will have an extra 3 matches

Will FIFA 11 Have More Stadiums Than FIFA 10?

yep it will have all of the stadiums on it and it will be amazing

Is the next FIFA going to be called FIFA 11 or fida2011?

fifa 11

Will FIFA 11 get an updated squads after FIFA 12?

When would be a new roster for FIFA 11, therefore if any will be available for download from the official EA server. I've heard that said all the FIFA 11 will not.mail thx for the reply bb

Will the Northern Irish league be in FIFA 11?

No fifa dont have the time to do this fifa 11 is useless.

Which is better FIFA 11 or FIFA 12 and why?

I'd say FIFA 11, handballs are complete bs and unfair, penalties are stupidly awarded, the impact engine doesn't work well, and to defend all you have to do is hold x. In FIFA 11 none f these problems existed

Who made FIFA 11?