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If you have a bad egg you really should be more worried about your game! it will make you lose all your data or something like that... that's what you get for cheating!

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Q: What are Bad Egg's base stats in Pokemon Emerald?
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Where can you put your poster in Pokemon Emerald?

In your secret base.

Can you have more than one base in Pokemon emerald?

no you cant

Where is the team magma emblem in Pokemon emerald?

somewhere in their base

In Pokemon Emerald where do you buy a TV for secret base?

Unfortunately there is no TV in Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald for a secret base. Many people worldwide will be upset. :(

What do you do after you get the 6Th badge in Pokemon emerald?

Go to aquas base in Lilycove

How do you get rid of the rocks in the secret base on Pokemon emerald?

u cant

Where on Pokemon emerald is the biggest base without black holes?

the weather instadute

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Off the shores of Lilycove City.

Pokemon emerald where to buy furniture for secret base?

u can buy it in slateport

What is the red tent in pokemon emerald?

The Red Tent is a decoration item in Pokemon Emerald for your Secret Base. There are many places around Hoenn that you can turn into a Secret Base. Note that most bases can only be caves or tree-houses.

Is any legendary Pokemon in mt chimney?

No there isnt. in emerald the team magma base is there, but after that no

What secret base has the biggest room in Pokemon emerald?

It is in lilycove city