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The Red Tent is a decoration item in Pokemon Emerald for your Secret Base. There are many places around Hoenn that you can turn into a Secret Base. Note that most bases can only be caves or tree-houses.

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Q: What is the red tent in pokemon emerald?
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How do you get a red tent in Pokemon emerald game and where does it go afterwards?


Where is the blue tent do in Pokemon emerald?

It is just a different color of the red tent, which is a secret base item that hides you.

Where is the red tent in pokemon emerald?

collect soot using soot sack and exchanges for it

Can you clone a Pokemon in a Pokemon tent in emerald?


Where is the battle tent in Pokemon Ruby?

it is not present in ruby. it is just there in emerald

Where do you get TM 45 in Pokemon emerald?

You can get it from a person in the lobby of the Verdanturf Battle tent.

Where can you find TM41 in Pokemon Emerald?

In Pokemon Emerald Version, TM41:Torment can be obtained from a sailor in the Contest Hall or Battle Tent in Slateport City.

How do you get a tent in emerald?

When you beat all of the trickmasters challenges in his house he will give you the choice of either a red or blue tent

How do you get the green tent in emerald?

The green tent, as far as I know, does not exist. But there is a Blue Tent and Red Tent, received from the Trick Master after completing his final maze. Sorry!

How many trick houses you have to beat before you get the tent in Pokemon emerald?

10 or more.

What is the red tent in emerald?

you need to have beaten the elite 4. go to the trick house and solve it. the trick master should give you a red tent as a reward.

In Pokemon Emerald how do you steal Pokemon from battle tent?

Try searching it on YouTube. If you can't find it,then there is no other way I can help.