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right now the webkinz are the manatee and the goldfish. there are more fush on there way and to keep up with the newer webkinz go to or

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โˆ™ 2008-08-17 19:43:54
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Q: What Webkinz can have the underwater room?
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Alligator Webkinz and underwater room?

Webby helper. Alligator webkinz has no underwater room.

Does the walrus webkinz have a underwater room?


How do you get an underwater room for your sea otter?

how do you get an underwater room for your sea otter on webkinz?

How do you buy an underwater room on webkinz?

You have to adopt a underwater pet such as a fish. It will automatically give you an underwater room.

On Webkinz the Fantial Goldfish does it come with a underwater room if it is not your first ten Webkinz?

No, they won't, because after you have 10 Webkinz, they will stop giving you rooms. That is why you are now able to buy more underwater rooms. Yes all webkinz underwater animals come with a underwater room ex. Say I got the blue whale( and I do have it ) and it was my first webkinz you still will get an underwater room.

Where do you get the underwater room in Webkinz?

You have to purchase a goldfish webkinz at your local store that sell webkinz

Can you buy an underwater room for the Webkinz Pisces fish?


Does the webkinz lil' seal come with an underwater room?


Does the spotted frog in Webkinz have an underwater room?

no, i have a spotted frog webkinz and it has a regular room.( his name is Hip Hop)

How do you get the under water webkinz room?

Adopt a pet that would naturally live underwater and when you do, you automatically get the underwater room.

Do they have any underwater webkinz sold out?

in my area all you have to do is buy a fish to get an underwater room.

On webkinz does the manatee come with a underwater room if it's not your first ten webkinz?

No.You have to buy it with kinzkash.

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