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4-letter words: deaf, fade, fado, feod, food, odea

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Q: What Scrabble words use the letters aeafood?
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What Scrabble words use the letters equ?

what scrabble words use eplhciy

What is scrabble rule concerning one letter you can't use?

There are no Scrabble rules prohibiting the use of any letters. The purpose of the game is to try to use all the letters to spell words.

What are scrabble words using the letters joq?

There are no English words that use the letter combination JOQ.

What words can you make if you rearrange these letters NCINPET?

There are no English Scrabble words that use all those letters only one time each.

What scrabble words use m and h?

him uses the letters h and m

Do you get to use double word in scrabble if you use all your letters?

Yes, that is called a "bingo." You will also get any double or triple letters or words you play.

What are some Scrabble words that use the letters V Z and X?

There are only two in the Scrabble dictionary: extravaganza extravaganzas

What Scrabble words use the letters m a a b e e t u?


What scrabble words use the letters E I H E O F i?

Hoe, or Hi

Can you use the spelling of the letters of the alphabet in scrabble?

technically, no. since acronyms like N.A.S.A. are not really words, it doesn't count.

What are the scrabble words using t t s m you a o?

There are several words that use those letters but not all of them:aamasatatommamastmatmoatmostmuttoatsoustoutsatsostoatstomasumsumotamtattotoasttot

What Scrabble words use the letters T E H E A D?

Heated Hate Ed