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Yes, that is called a "bingo." You will also get any double or triple letters or words you play.

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Q: Do you get to use double word in scrabble if you use all your letters?
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In Scrabble do all connecting letters have to form a word?


Can ox be changed to oxen on a scrabble play?

Yes. If ox has been played in a previous turn you can add the letters "en" to make a new word (oxen) and score all the letters. However, you can not score a bonus square (e.g. double word) already used in a previous turn.

What are scrabble words using the letters t o p m i r?

All letters used, you can form the word: import.

What is a 11 letter word with 3 double letters back to back for a person who has all the books?


How do you use all the seven letters you have in scrabble?

combine them with a letter on the board to make an 8 letter word

What word has all these letters mdngilooo?

The word mongoloid has all of those letters.

What word can you spell with these letters epsnqob?

With all those letters there is no word that can be spelled with all of them.

What word has these letters gradvi?

The letters spell the word gravid. The word uses all six letters.

What word has the letters eeidnprsst?

The letters spell the word presidents. The word uses all ten letters.

What happens if you get the word Scrabble in Scrabble?

Nothing special. However, if you do use all seven tiles while playing that word, you get an extra 50 points.

Can you use xi as a word in scrabble?

YES, XI is acceptable (it's a Greek letter). [HINT: All of the letters of the Greek alphabet are acceptable words in Scrabble.]

What word is out of the letters taribb?

The letters spell the word rabbit. The word uses all 6 letters taribb.