What Pokemon uses Fake Tears?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Well many Pokemon can but one is pachirisu and another is wismer.

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Q: What Pokemon uses Fake Tears?
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No Chris Brown's tears were not fake at the Bet Awards 2010.

How do you get a fake pokemon on pokemon emerald?

It is not possible to get fake Pokemon on Pokemon Emerald. The only way to get fake Pokemon in any Pokemon game is to play a hacked version.

What does crocadil teras mean?

means fake tears.

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Are fake pokemon games fun?

yes because the fake Pokemon games give a great variety of fake Pokemon that you have not seen before. Plus the fake Pokemon games have different stories then the original games that is why i prefer hacked or fake Pokemon games better the the original games.

How do you create a fake Pokemon battle?

you cant create a fake pokemon battle

Is Pokemon perla fake?

Yes pokemon perla is fake. the fake is on Gameboy Advanced , However if you bought the spanish version of pokemon diamond and perl it would be called pokemon perla & pokemon diamante. The Fake Box Usualy Has A Lucario On The Front Of It

Is Pokemon Emerald original or fake?

the game is fake

Is Pokemon Jade fake?

Yes, Pokemon Jade is fake, and apparently a low-quality hack.

What is an idiom for a crocodile?

The most common one is "crocodile tears" which means fake tears; a crocodile is supposed to cry while eating.

Can you trade Pokemon with a fake ds game with a real one or can you trade international with fake Pokemon diamond game ds?

DON'T. DO. THIS. Trading pokemon between real and fake games will usually destroy both the real and fake game's save files. I REPEAT DON'T DO IT. I lost my Pokemon Pearl and my fake Pokemon Diamond because of this :(

Which fake Pokemon are in Pokemon Diamond?