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Clefairy - clefable

Jigglypuff - Wigglytuff

Nidorina - Nidoqueen

Nidorino - Nidoking

Munna - Musharna

(These are the only ones I can think of at the mo)

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Q: What Pokemon use moonstones to evolve?
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What level does nidorino evolve in Pokemon tower defense?

There is a store where you can buy moonstones, use that.

What lvl does clafairy evolve in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Clefairy does not evolve through levelling up, you must obtain a moonstone and use it on it. (There are three moonstones in the game)

How Can you evolve Eevee?

To evolve Eevee, you need elemental stones. In Pokemon FireRed, go to the Celedon Dpt. Store and you can purchase thunder, water and fire stones. (These evolve your Pokemon into Vaporeon, Flareon and Jolteon.) When you beat the Elite four and still haven't evolved your Eevee, it would help because then, you can use moonstones to evolve it into Umbreon.

Where can you find moonstones in Pokemon LeafGreen?

you find them in mount moon but you might be able to buy them in celadon department store, but moon stones only evolve certain types of Pokemon if you want to evolve a fire,grass,water, and electric then use the stones in the department store. hope this helps!

How do you use a moonstone?

Go to your bag and choose the items pocket. Then choose moonstone. Press use and it will take you to your party Pokemon. If any have their health bar next to their picture, you can use the moonstone to evolve them. Clefairy, Nidorina, Nidorino, and Jigglypuff are a few examples of Pokemon who are affected by moonstones.

What do you do with the 5 moonstones on Pokemon Yellow?

Moon Stones are used to evolve these pokémon: Nidorina to Nidoqueen Nidorino to Nidoking Clefairy to Clefable Jigglypuff to Wigglytuff

Can you buy moonstones on Pokemon Sapphire?

Yes You Can!

How do you get two moonstones in Pokemon saphirre?

find them

Where can you find moonstones on Pokemon platinum?

in caves, people, pokemon, the syour.

What does a moonstone do on Pokemon Diamond?

Moonstones are evolution stones for Normal-types. Use them on a Jigglypuff, or Clefairy. Other Pokemon use it too, but I can't think of them right now.

How many moonstones are there in Pokemon gold and solver?


Can you get four moonstones on Pokemon FireRed?

Im pretty sure you can.