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Fire, Ice, Bug, Flying, and Poison.

To cover these weaknesses, teach it a rock type move to wipe out the first four. There aren't many poison types out there, so you should be good.

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Q: What Pokemon type is good against grass types?
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What Pokemon are good against quagsire?

grass types

What Pokemon is good against Water type?

Grass and Electric types

Is grass good against psychic Pokemon?

No, grass is neutral to psychic types. It is only super-effective to water, rock, and ground types.

What Pokemon are good against grass types?

Fire, flying, bug, ice, and psychic. I hate grass Pokemon they're so weak!

What does Fire Pokemon Defeat on Pokemon Diamond?

Fire types are good against Steel,Ice,Bug,and Grass Pokemon.

What is good against Grass Pokemon?

Grass Pokemon are weak against Fire, Ice, psychic, Poison, Flying, and Bug type moves. The effectiveness of these types of attacks may be increased or decreased if the Pokemon has two types. For example, Bulbasaur is a dual Grass / Poison, so Poison attacks are not as effective.

What are water's weaknesses in Pokemon?

grass pokemon examples: chikorita, bulbasour, oddish, tropius, turtwig, and bellsprout but theres more!

What Pokemon are best against Wallace?

Electric Pokemon, and Grass Pokemon are good against water

What Pokemon types are good against water?

Electric and Grass type attacks are effective against Water types. Water type attacks are bad against Grass, Dragon and other Water types. Note that almost all Water Types can learn an Ice type move, so be careful when sending in Grass types to counter them.

What is a good grass types in Pokemon white?

a good grass type (in my opinion) is venusaur.

What is good against ground Pokemon?

Water type moves and Grass type moves. Electric moves will have no effect. Flying types and Pokemon with levitate ability are good as ground-type moves have no effect against them.

What is posion good against Pokemon?

poison types are good against grass but they are bad against psychic and ground types and also they do no damage against steel so thats why I dont use them unless they have another type.