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You can use any Pokemon you want if you want to do a solo run. Some people think that Pokemon such as Kangaskhan are good for it.

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Q: What Pokemon should you use for a solo run?
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How do you do a Pokemon solo run?

A solo run is when you use one Pokemon to beat the game.U can only use other Pokemon as slaves but u must do gyms and the league with ur solo runner ONLY.

How do you do a solo run with a Pokemon that doesnt usually come in the game early in crystal?

Gotta use Cheat Devices for ones that you can't normally get early on.

Where should you use the master ball in Pokemon platinum?

You should use it on cresselia or mesprit because they run away

What is the run away from trainer code for Pokemon emerald?

there is not a answer but dark and physic Pokemon can't face but you should be smart and use your brain because all the answers on this website don't work you should not use this website it is horrblie

Which Pokemon should you use Tm27 on?

You should use it on the most friendlyest Pokemon or use it on the best Pokemon you have, but remember it works effectivly on the friendly Pokemon.

What Pokemon should you use on the fifth badge in Pokemon Red?

you should use either ground or psychic Pokemon

What Pokemon should you use in the fourth gym?

you should use rock type pokemon.

What Pokemon should you use against the elite four in Pokemon diamond?

There aren't specific Pokemon for battles.You should use your strongest Pokemon.

Should you use master balls on legendary Pokemon that run away before you can use mean look in other words mean look doesn't work even though you pressed it right at the start of a battle?

You should use it on Rayquaza, i did and i still have a party of six lengendary pokemon.

What Pokemon should you use for the badges on Pokemon Crater?

Train your starter Pokemon then use it.

Which Pokemon should you use to purify Lugia?

Use Pokemon that aren't shadow Pokemon!

What does the Pokemon modafire do?

Pokemon modafire changes the wild pokemon you run into. You need action replay to use it.