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You should used bug, ghost, and dark type pokemon.

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Q: What Pokemon should you use against psychic Pokemon?
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What Pokemon should you use on the fifth badge in Pokemon Red?

you should use either ground or psychic Pokemon

What is the weakness of a physcic Pokemon?

Psychic type Pokemon are weak to Dark, Bug and Ghost type moves. Psychic Pokemon can also struggle against Steel types as not all Psychic Pokemon can learn moves effective against them. Overall the best type to use against Psychic types is the Dark type. Since the Dark type is not only super effective against them but is also immune to Psychic moves.

What is machamps weakness?

Machamp is a fighting Pokemon. Psychic and flying are super-effective against him. Gameguy100: I would use a psychic Pokemon against him in case he knows a rock move like rocktomb or rockslide which is super-effective against flying Pokemon.

What Pokemon should you use against the league on Pokemon LeafGreen?

An electric type, water type, psychic type, ice type, grass type, fire type.

What Pokemon type is strong against psychic?

The most effective type to use is Ghost, Bug, or Dark.

What is super effective against machamp?

Machamp is a fighting type Pokemon all fighting Pokemon are weak against flying types and psychic types that use flying type and psychic type moves so Pokemon like pidgeot or alakazam will do good against machamp.

How do you defeat Sabrina in saffron gym?

Sabrina is a psychic so just just use dark Pokemon or a Pokemon that has a dark move and just keep using that move. You could also use a ghost Pokemon because psychic moves aren't effective against dark Pokemon and ghost Pokemon. Its really easy to beat her because most psychic Pokemon only know psychic moves

How do you kill psychic Pokémon in Pokémon Diamond?

Dark and Ghost-type moves are the most effective moves to use against Psychic-type Pokemon.

How do you defeat the sixth gym leader in Pokemon white?

If you can find an electric, ice or rock Pokemon anywhere, then that's good. A normal, fire, water, poison, flying, psychic, ghost, dragon, dark or steel Pokemon is okay. A grass, fighting or bug Pokemon will do bad. A ground Pokemon will do HORRIBLE! I beat her with a high level grass Pokemon (Serperior), but I would suggest using a different type! I hope I helped you! :D Against her Swoobat, you should not use a psychic Pokemon, and against her Swanna you should not use a water Pokemon.

Is a fire Pokemon good against a fighting Pokemon on pearl?

its not great but it isn't bad. i suggest that u use flying or psychic. hope i helped :-)

Is grass good against fighting in Pokemon?

Grass moves are neither supper effice on not effictive its better to use a psychic to fight a fighting pokemon

Which Pokemon should you use for the Pokemon soul silver elite four?

types 2 use: grass, water, fire, electric, psychic, dragon.