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Q: What Pokemon is number 80 on the pearl pokedex?
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What is number 80 in Pokemon pearl on the pokedex?


What is number 80 in the Sinnoh pokedex in Pokemon pearl?

Barbroach is number 80

In Pokemon pearl Sinnoh pokedex what is number 80?


In pearl pokedex who is number 80?

In pearl#80 is barboach.

What is the name of number 80 on Pokemon pearl?

If you mean the Sinnoh Pokedex, then it's Barboach. If you mean the National Pokedex, then it's Slowbro.

Who Pokemon is number 80 in Pokemon Diamond Sinnoh pokedex?

diamond pokedex number 80 is Barboach

Which Pokemon he number 80 in the pokedex on Pokemon diamond?

That depends. In the Sinnoh Pokedex, #80 is Barboach. In the National Pokedex, #80 is Slowbro.

In Pokemon pearl Sinnoh pokedex where and what is 80?

Number 80 is a barboach and you can find one at mount coronet by fishing at any spot of water in there. with what rod?

In Pokemon diamond's pokedex what Pokemon is number 80?

In Pokemon Diamond, if you have the sinnoh pokedex(that means you have not found all the Pokemon in the sinnoh region)number 80 is barboach. If you have the national pokedex, number 80 is slowbro. I hope that helps.

What is the national pokedex number for Slowbro?

Slowbro is #80 in the national pokedex, and it is a Water-Psychic type Pokemon.

What is 80 in sinnoh pokedex?

Pokemon #80 in Sinnoh pokedex is Barboach.

What are Pokemon 80 in the pokedex?

Pokemon number 80 is: Barboach. It can be found on route 208 by fishing and using the good rod.