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im pretty sure that's Shedinja but you have to get him a speciall way i that i don't know :P

how you get him is get ninjask and hold at least one pokeball in your bag and only 5 Pokemon in your party. then evolve ninjask and you will get him.

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Q: What Pokemon is number 44 on the pokedex in ruby?
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What is the national pokedex number for Gloom?

Gloom is #44 in the national pokedex, and it is a Grass-Poison type Pokemon.

What is the 44 Pokemon in Pokemon sapphire version?

if you mean Pokemon #44 in hoenn's pokedex, it is shedinja

How do you get Pokemon number 44 on ruby?

evolve an oddish or they are found near lily cove

What is Pokemon 365 in Pokemon Diamond?

in the pokedex, the Pokemon who has the number 365 is Wallrien. to obtain, you must transfer a spheal from pokemom pearl, then evolve it into a sealeo at 32 and then wallrien at 44

At what level does a Sealo evolve in Pokemon ruby?

Sealeo evolves into Walrein at level 44

Where do you find the number 46 Pokemon in the pokedex in Pokemon Platinum?

To find TM46 in Pokemon Platinum you first need the HM move Cut. Now go to Eterna City and look near the northern part of the city for a tree to cut down. Past this tree and near a building should be the TM 46.

What is Pokemon no044?

#44 is gloom in the national and in leafgreen/firered #44 is shedninja in sapphire/ruby/emerald #44 is golduck in pearl/diamond/platinum I don't know about gold/silver SORRY!

What level does sealeo evolve in Pokemon ruby?

Sealeo is a water and ice type of Pokémon. In Pokémon Ruby it evolves into a Walrein at level 44.

At Pokemon ruby destiny rol some Pokémon evolve by trad how can you evolve them ex gravler to golem?

it will evolve at level 42 or 44

Where can you get lunatone in Pokemon HeartGold?

Go to the mountain area and after getting the national pokedex put 15 rock objects and then he'll appear in between levels 40-44

What is the 44 Pokemon in Pokemon sapphire?

there is 150 Pokemon not 44

Pokemon emerald When does sphele evolve?

Spheal evolves at level 32 into Sealeo. Sealeo evolves into Walrein at level 44.