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Pachirisu or pikachu are good bets.

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Q: What Pokemon is good for the cute contest?
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Pokemon Diamond What accesaries are good for master rank cute contest ninetails?

Amulent coin, fire,ribbons. i got 10 luv harts

How do you win a master rank cute contest in Pokemon pearl?

find the right tms get a shiny pokemon raise it to level 100 teach it 4 cute moves

What can you obtain in amity square?

A Rare berries And some other stuff that you can use in Pokemon contest but to get the item you must have a cute Pokemon to enter

Where is the item pink scarf in Pokemon diamond?

To get the Pink Scarf, you must win a master rank cute contest

What are the best moves to use in a cute contest in Pokemon Ruby?

I use Slaking it move are:Swagger,Yawn,Encore(or any cute move) and Slack off.I get 10 hearts in second round on all cute rank contest.(Except super rank I got 7 hearts)

What accessories are good for master rank cute contest Espeon?

There isn't anything actually that good for Espeon

What are the best moves for Pichu in a cute contest?

Sweet Kiss and Nasty Plot are Good!

How do you get first place in a contest in harvest moon DS cute?

In animals just have a animal that is very good. In the cooking contest use a highly recommended recipe.

Do you need a rare Pokemon for contests in Sapphire if you want to go well?

A rare Pokemon does not necessarily ensure you a victory in Pokemon contests in Hoenn. Each Pokemon is treated just the same in the contests, meaning a Skitty will do just as well as a Jirachi as long as its moves and condition are the same. The only things which determine how well you go in any contest are the condition of your Pokemon and the moves it knows. You will need a high condition Pokemon for the type of contest your entering. For example a Pokemon which has a medium condition in Toughness wont do as well in a Cute contest as another Pokemon which has its Cuteness condition maxed out. A high condition is achieved by feeding a Pokemon a particular high-grade PokeBlock. The moves of the Pokemon aid its performance in the judging round of the contests. A good combination of moves means the Pokemon has a damaging move, a high performance move, a regular move and possibly a combo move. The right moves for the right contest will result in a high appeal with the judges and the audience, helping in your Pokemon's overall score. Rare Pokemon will be a good choice in a Pokemon contest only if they have a high condition in the area and a good moveset. Otherwise, they are just like any other Pokemon. They themselves prove no advantage in the contest arena.

Is Squirtle a good Pokemon?

It's cute but it's not good until it's a Blastoise

What happens after you win the master rank contest?

1.You get master rank contest badge. 2.If you get all(cool,cute,tough,smart & beauty) master rank contest badge on any five Pokemon you get a star in your trainer card. 3.You get a picture from the artist.

How do you get the Portraits in Pokemon?

Just win the master rank contest 5 times in lilycove No, just win the Master Rank contest once and come first place in your category (Cool, Cute, Beauty, etc) by quite a bit.