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In the Unova arc of the anime, Ash's egg hatches into a Scraggy.

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Q: What Pokemon is Ash's egg in the unova region?
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What was Ashs egg Pokemon black white?


What Pokemon is ash's egg in unova?

Scraggy :)

What Pokemon will hatch from the egg given to ash in Unova?

A Scraggy :)

When did ash have a Pokemon egg?

Ash received an egg in the end of the Jhoto season and it hatched into his Phanpy which is now Donphan, Ash has also recently received an egg in the Unova region but has not hatched yet.

Can you spin trade a egg from Pokemon platinum to Pokemon black?

No, because you cannot enter the Union Room and connect between Sinnoh and Unova region games. ( I wanted to spin trade between my White and SoulSilver game too..) NeonGreen16

What is Ash's first egg in the Unova?


How do you get a Scraggy that knows Drain Punch as an egg move?

Drain Punch is one of Scraggy's egg moves so you will need to get a female of either Scrafty or Scraggy as well as males of either Smeargle, Treecko, Grovlye, Sceptile, Mienshao, Mienfoo, Lucario, Kecleon or Spinda that knows Drain Punch and then you can put them into the Daycare and then you can get a Pokemon Egg from the Daycare Man that will hatch into a Scraggy that knows Drain Punch.

What game do you have to have manpay transfer in?

you transer the egg from Pokemon ranger the egg can only hatch in the sinnoh region

How do you go on to the Shinnoh Region on Pokemon Ranger with the action replay?

You never do go to the Sinnoh region, but U can transfer the Egg there.

How is the egg Pokemon named?

A Pokemon egg have no name, but when the egg hatches you can give the Pokemon a nickname.

Can you get manaphy in Pokemon HeartGold?

there are two ways to get her. 1st is to do the manapy egg thing with Pokemon ranger aloma region 2nd is to trade for more Pokemon info email me at

When does an egg hatch in Pokemon LeafGreen?

It depends on what Pokemon is in the egg.

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