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when you get into the safari zone go up and then take a right and follow that path until you see a man (he says welcome to the section of the safari zone or something)

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Q: What Pokemon in the safari zone in Pokemon emerald after beating elite 4?
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Are you able to get an apom on Pokemon Ruby?

No. Just In Emerald After Beating The Elite Four And It's In The Safari.

Whare can you find houndour in Pokemon Emerald?

new safari area after beating the elite 4

Where do you get a Ditto in emerald?

in safari zone after beating elite four and champion.

Where to find marrep in emerald?

Safari zone after beating elite 4

What is area 2 in Emerald Park's zone?

In Pokemon Emerald, Area 2 in the safari zone is available after beating the Elite. You get pokemons from the previous versions of the game.

How do you get stantler in Pokemon Emeraldfor GBA?

Beat the elite 4 and go to the new part of the safari zone. The area in the safari zone is known as "Area 6" that appears after beating the elite four, this is the only place where stantler can be captured in Pokemon Emerald.

Second part of safari Pokemon emerald?

you unlock the extended part of the safari zone after beating the elite four. you can catch really good Pokemon like houndoom, tauros, teddirusa,etc.

What do you do after beating the Elite Four in Pokemon emerald?


What new Pokemon can you catch in the safari zone after beating the elite four?

On Emerald, a brand new section opens in which you can catch Pokemon such as marrep, sunkern, houndoor, and other Pokemon from that generation.

How do you get out of the elite four after beating them in Pokemon emerald?

Beat them and the champion

How do you get sunflora in Pokemon emerald?

After beating the Elite Four, go to the safari zone. There should be a new area where you can catch Sunskern. Use a sun stone on it and you get Sunflora

Can you trade Pokemon from emerald without beating elite four?