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Rampardos has the highest attack.

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Q: What Pokemon has the highest attack?
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What Pokemon has the highest base attack?

deoxys in attack form

Which is the stongest Pokemon in special attack?

Deoxys-A has the highest base special attack of all pokemon, with 180. Among non-legendary pokemon, Chandelure has the highest, with 145.

What is the Pokemon with the highest attack in FireRed?


What Pokemon has the highest attack power?

#1 Deoxys attack forme has 180 attack #2 Rampardos has 165, and is the highest attack of a non legendary

What types of Pokemon have the highest Attack power on Pokemon Soul Silver?

it is rootodile

What is the highest attack stat Pokemon in ruby?

Deoxys in attack form has an attack stat that is second to none.

In Pokemon what is venusars highest attack?

venusaur has a move called pollen hazerd and the attack of that is 130

What is the highest atack Pokemon?

Deoxys in Attack Forme Non-legendary: Rampardos

What is the best Pokemon there is?

Arceus has the highest total of all stats out of all five regions. Blissey has the highest possible HP. Deoxys (Attack Forme) has the highest possible attack. Shuckle has the highest possible defence. Deoxys (Speed Forme) has the highest possible speed. Deoxys (Attack Forme) has the highest possible special attack. Shuckle has the highest possible special defence.

What Pokemon has the highest stats in emerald?

It depends on what you mean.The Pokemon with the highest total stats attainable in Emerald is Mewtwo, who also has the Special Attack record.The Pokemon with the highest HP stat is Blissey.The Pokemon with the highest Attack is Slaking.The Pokemon with the highest Defence is Shuckle. Shuckle also has the highest Special Defense.The Pokemon with the highest Speed is Ninjask.Another AnswerThe highest total base stats currently obtainable in the game is Rayquaza's. Groudon and Kyogre are second highest, but are also equal to Slaking. It's stats are probably this high because of it's Truant ability - it is inactive every other turn.So Rayquaza has the highest stats, but Slaking is the highest non-legendary.

Which is the Pokemon with the highest stats?

blissey with the highest hp, shuckle with the highest defense and deoxys defense form, and rampardos and deoxys attack form!hope this helped:)

Which pokemon is the strongest with level 100 in pokemon white version?

Get Victini on WiFi event from December 3rd to 25th I think. It has the move V-Create which has 180 attack power and 95 accuracy. Get it to level 100 and it will be almost unstoppable. It also knows Reshiram and Zekrom's signature moves, fusion flare and fusion bolt, and searing shot, a move victini can already learn.