What Pokemon game is Groudon in?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Ruby and Emerald.

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Q: What Pokemon game is Groudon in?
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In which Pokemon game for ds does Groudon appear?

groudon appears in soul silver.

Who is the best Pokemon in ruby?

Groudon is the best Pokemon in the game that is cachable.

Is Pokemon Ruby?

The game that you can catch GROUDON, then yes.

What should i do first before catching Groudon in Pokemon emerald?

Save your game also have a strong water type Pokemon with you and a Pokemon that can make groudon sleep.

How do you get Groudon in Pokemon Emerald without beating game if you don't have to beat the game?

You would have to get a groudon from someone else if you wanted one before you beat the game.

Can Kyogre and Groudon be found in one game?

yes, Pokemon emerald.

Do you need to beat the game before you can catch Groudon in Pokemon emerald?


How do jou find Groudon in pearl?

Groudon isn't in Pokemon Pearl. The only way to get Groudon is to trade it from the GBA game, via Pal Park, or to cheat.

In Pokemon mystery dungeon blue rescue team when can you recruit Groudon?

You may recruit Groudon after the end credits of the game.

Does Groudon evolve in Pokemon Ruby?

Groudon is a rare legendary Pokemon, which is very hard to find. Since Groudon is so legendary, fortunately he does not evolve in any Pokemon Game or Series (nor does anything evolve into him). He's just a standard rare Pokemon like the others.

How do you get Groudon on Pokemon Black and White?

Groudon does not appear naturally within the game. Transfer it from Diamond pearl platinum soulsilver or heartgold.

How do you unlock Groudon in pokemon emerald?

first we have to complete the whole game and go tocave of origin 2