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The only known Pokemon to evolve using the up-grade is porygon. It will evolve it into porygon2.

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Q: What Pokemon evolves with the up-grade in Pokemon platinum?
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What evolves into a Whiscash in Pokemon Platinum?

Barboach evolves into Whiscash.

What is the Pokemon above chancy in Pokemon Platinum?

Happiny evolves into chancy evolves into blissy.

Who Pokemon can evolves from a moonstone on Pokemon platinum?


What Pokemon evolves from a oval stone Pokemon platinum?

Happiny evolves into Chansey with an Oval Stone.

When does kadabra evolves Pokemon platinum?

Kadabra evolves upon trading.

What Pokemon evolves with a leaf stone in Pokemon platinum?

a grass Pokemon

What Pokemon evolves when given the upgrade?

im pretty sure that porygon 2, given the upgrade and traded evolves in porygon Z

How does rosalia evolve in Pokemon Platinum?

Roselia only evolves in Pokemon platinum, diamond, and pearl Roselia evolves into roserade if you use a sun stone on it

In Pokemon Platinum what is Pokemon number 170?

Chinchou which evolves into Lanturn.

Which Pokemon on Pokemon platinum evolves from the leaf stone?

i think eevee

What level do Palkia evolves in Pokemon platinum?

he does not evolve

How do you evolve haunter in Pokemon platinum?

You have to trade it and it evolves.