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well if you are lookin at this ur a dork second you can evolve into a metal Pokemon by going to charzar and asking him to squit u with his moob milk

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Q: What Pokemon evolves with a metal coat?
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What can a syther involve into in Pokemon Pearl?

in Pokemon pearl scyther evolves when you give it a metal coat and then it evolves about level 25

What Item evolves Scyther in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Metal Coat

How do you evolve Scyther in Pokemon platinam?

Scyther evolves when you give it a Metal Coat (To Hold) Then trade it.NOTE: You will not get the Metal Coat back.

When does the Pokemon oinx evolve?

onix evolves in a trade when holding the metal coat

Does diglett evolve into onix?

diglett evolves into dugtrio, onix is its on Pokemon that evolves into steelix using metal coat.

What Pokemon does scyther evolve from?

scyther doesn't evolve from any pokemon, but evolves into scisor when traded with a metal coat

What is the function of metal coat in Pokemon FireRed?

It evolves two pokemon: Onix and Scyther. Have each hold the Metal Coat then trade them to a friend take them back and you will get a Steelix and Scizor.

What level does Scyther evolve in pokemon firered?

Scyther evolves to Scizor when you trade Scyther while it is holding a metal coat and when the trade dones Scyther evolves into Scizorgive it a metal coat something like that.

How does scyther evolve in pokemon?

Scyther evolves by attaching a Metal Coat to it and then trading it to another player.

How do you get scyther to evolve in Pokemon diamond?

you evolve scyther by trading it when holding a metal coathe evolves when you trade him with a metal coat

What level does Scyther evolve in Pokemon indigo?

Scyther does not evolve by level in Pokemon White. Scyther evolves by trading while it is holding a metal coat. To date scyther has not had different evolution conditions in different pokemon games except for the introduction of it's evolution in generation II.

What lvl does onix evolve at on Pokemon shiny gold?

It doesn't evole at a level, it evolves into Steelix when traded holding a Metal Coat.