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That's funny cause she never did get a new bike from Ash.

But if my calculations are right, he might of given it to her on:

Pokemon Episode: "Gotta Catch Ya Later!"

"If you ever have any questions about Pokemon you just let me know!"

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Q: What Pokemon episode does misty get a new bike?
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Who are the characters that fall in love with ash in Pokemon?

in master quest a girl named masey fell in love with ash because he saved her life that's all i know also misty loves him like alot here are some clues Misty still continues to join Ash on his adventures along with Brock despite the fact he owes her a new bike. She's reminded him so many times, but later on in the series, we hear much less about it...hmmmmm. (hint) Misty blushed when Ash saw her in the outfit with that magician. Plus Ash commented that it was a REAL cute outfit! (from "Exeggutor Squad" ep.) Nurse Joy said in "Electric Shock Showdown", "When two people fight, they really care for each other." Ash and Misty fight over crazy stuff from time to time, so maybe Joy was right.... Its obvious Brock has no romantic interest in Misty due to the fact when he first met her, He didnt blush like he normally does when he sees a cute girl. That leaves Ash...(hint hint) What was the REAL reason why Misty didn't want to battle Ash? Oh SURE it was because she didn't want to face her sisters, but she came back anyway only because ASH did. Hmm.... (in "Waterflowers of Cerulean" ep) In the "Lavander Tower" episode when Ash "dies" as soon as he "resurrected" the first words out of his mouth are, "Misty!" Misty rubs the tears off her eyes and smiles blushing. What about Brock!? Ash doesn't seem to mind Pikachu always hanging around Misty. Except for that one time when Misty proved Pikachu not to be routy and then Ash defied saying he only obeys him when in fact that wasn't the time. When the 3 Sensational sisters commented Ash isn't their choice of a boyfriend for themselves (implying that he was already Misty's boyfriend), Ash fell over in embarrassment and Misty defied, but she BLUSHED! (MAJOR HINT THERE!!) In the Caterpie episode, when Misty saw Caterpie she grabbed onto Ash and Ash didn't make her let go. He just stood there, "Wow a Caterpie!" (another hint) Misty *really* wanted Ash to use her Pokémon against Brock while he was gym leader. Though, Ash wanted to use the Pokémon he had trained. Misty kept asking him if he wanted to use her Pokémon, gosh she has her heart set on this doesn't she? In the episode "The Ultimate Test", after the test was finished (mostly after he beat Team Rocket) he reflected on some things that happened and Misty pointed out that he did learn something. And Ash nodded about that. Misty said some compliments and he thanked her and smiled. In "Pokémon Paparazzi", when the hole broke through and Ash fell, Misty yelled, "Ash!" Brock didn't seem to care about Ash because he just yelled Pikachu. They tend to do this in a lot of anime... But Misty just happened to yell Ash. . In the "Stray Pokemon" ep, Ash and Misty were sleeping out on a couch. In the morning, Ash is all sprawled out about to fall off. (Suggestive) In the Squirtle Squad episode, when Ash comes back from getting the Super Potion for Pikachu, he worries about the Squirtle messing with Misty's hair color, they said they would. But when he returns, "So Misty you're still a red head?" He cares In the episode where St. Anne sank, Ash wanted his Butterfree back. He talked with Misty about it, it was a *cute* scene. And when the boat started sinking and Ash ran after his Butterfree Misty and Brock followed as well. Though, Misty yelled, "Ash!!!!" While Brock just ran, no thoughts on Pikachu either. Towards the end of "The Ghost at Maiden's Peak", the dialog goes like this... Misty: Sorry I'm late Ash:........*blush*....wo......(Ash just stares at Misty's beauty) Misty: huh? (she then blushes) Misty: Come on ash, lets dance! Ash: Sure! (Ash takes Misty's hand) (MAJOR Hint here!!) Also, earlier in the same episode, when Ghastly started attacking with those skull ghosts, Misty grabbed tightly to Ash and the two were trying to figure out if there was a Pokémon located somewhere. In the "Lavander Tower" episode Ash flies outside to see Brock and Misty while he's a ghost. He comments, "Wow, Misty really does care about me!" When he saw how she was worried that he was dead. Hmm, I wonder why Ash would care if Misty cared about him... (hint) In Primeape Goes Bananas, when Misty fell, Ash called out, "Wa, Misty!!!!!" In Pokémon Fashion Flash, when Misty saw the Salon Rockét (yes with the weird e), she linked arms with Ash and they ran off hand in hand. It was adorable! Also in Pokémon Fashion Flash, when Pysduck told Pikachu what happened to Misty, Pikachu "translated" it for Ash of course. Then Ash goes, "Waa, something bad happened to Misty?" And he leaps over the table and runs. Has to save his girl! Also in the Ninja Poké-showdown; when Misty was going crazy about Pysduck, Ash grabbed her and held her back. Jeez, those two held each other a lot in this episode. Also in that episode, when Ash says he'll go on without Misty, she continues to follow him. Ash asks why and Misty fumbles with her words... she wouldn't want to tell him the REAL reason just yet. She instead gives him the old "bike excuse" In the Eevee episode, Ash and Misty did a lot of looking at each other. Not that big of a hint, it was like well we gotta look at each other 24/7. In the episode Princess Vs. Princess, when Misty was in her kimono in line with all the other contestants; Ash said, "Awww." Also in that episode; when Misty was battling, Ash was all, "Hang in there Misty!" He wants his girl to win, you can't blame him. And he kept giving her battle tips when she was fighting Lickitung like, "Misty use Bulbasaur!" At the end of Volcanic Panic, Misty went blank on the bike. And Ash didn't want her to remember. He wouldn't want his girl to remember now would he? In The Misty Mermaid, at the beginning Ash asks Misty what's wrong cuz she's worried about Horsea. Also in that episode, when they were waiting for the show to start, Ash says, "I can't wait to see Misty!" Also, Ash says Misty's pretty good as she does her dance with the Pokémon. Also, when Misty was battling, Ash compliments Misty on her Pokémon battle skills. Also, when Misty wins Ash goes, "Alright Misty!" Last, but not least... at the end Ash is all sweet talking Misty. In Clefairy Tales, Misty goes with Ash when Ash is going to save Pikachu. "Ash, I'm coming with you!" While Brock goes after Officer Jenny. Also in that episode when they jumped to the skyscraper, Misty was holding onto Ash. Not like she had a choice... it was just really cute. In The Battle of the Badge, when Gary's girls are all crying Misty says that thing about if she cried every time about Ash and so on. Then everyone is silent. Ash falls over in stupidity and goes, "She's only kidding!" So obviously Misty does care about when Ash loses... but not that she'd cry. In "It's Mr. Mime Time", when Ash dressed up as Mr. Mime before he came out on stage, Misty said how she couldn't wait to see Ash. (notice the mirrored effect here....Ash said he couldn't wait to see Misty in the "Misty Mermaid" ep.....hint hint) Also in that episode, when Team Rocket took Ash, Misty was worrying for him; Mrs. Ketchum told Misty not to. Jeez, Misty worries more than the mom. Those are some of the more obvious points in the show where we are given hints that Misty really DOES like Ash. However, the major spoiler is the track from the first Pokemon soundtrack "2BA Master" called "Misty's Song" Listen to the song if you have the CD or read the lyrics....its very obvious here that Misty really likes....or should I say in the song's case....LOVES Ash, but it is difficult for Misty to get the right words out. Now if only the anime series would be that obvious. The bottom line is this. Taking all the hints from the show, and "Misty's Song", it's fair to say this.... Ash & Misty -- It IS a Love Connection.

Where to go after defeating misty in soul silver?

After defeating Misty in Blackthorn City, head back to New Bark Town and use your HM03 Surf to swim across (going east) to the Pokemon League. I will warn you now, this part of the game will not be easy.

How do you hatch an eevee egg in Pokemon soulsilver?

ride your bike back and forth in new bark town

Will misty come back to Pokemon?

Unfortunatly not. Pokemon Inc. has to keep on moving with new characters. If you ever have any questions about Pokemon you just let me know! that is wrong . a Japanese producer said that she will come back in the 12 series {black and white}

At what point in the Pokemon series should you watch each Pokemon movie?

WARNING: This answer may reveal plotline(s) of some seasons, old and new. Read at your own risk. The Pokemon Movies are NOT canon (meaning they do not follow the storyline or flow of the series). However, some contain references to seasons, and should be viewed at certain ideal points in the series in order to maintain a sense of continuity. This broad question will be gradually answered as I watch each Pokémon movie. There have been 11 Pokemon movies made to date - seemingly 1 movie for each season in the series. Pokémon: The First Movie: This movie revolves around Mewtwo and shows some similar footage to that of parts in episode 63 - "The Battle of the Badge", as well as episode 67* - "Showdown at the Po-ké Corrall", which feature appearances of Mewtwo. It is recommended to watch these two episodes, both found in season 1, before watching Pokémon - The First Movie. Pokémon: The Movie 2000: This revolves around the Orange Islands. Ash and Misty are travelling with Tracey, who has a Scyther, and Ash's Charizard has a bad attitude. This movie should be watched in Season 2 sometime after episode 99* - "Tracey gets Bugged", where Tracey captures a Scyther and before episode 107* - "Charizard Chills", where Ash restores Charizard's loyalty. Pokémon: Spell of the Unown: In this movie, Ash has a Totodile and Brock only has a Zubat. In the accompanying Pikachu short, Misty has a Poliwhirl. This movie should be seen sometime after episode 153* - "The Totodile Duel" in season 3, where Ash attains a Totodile and Misty's Poliwag evolves into Poliwhirl, but before episode 167* - "Hassle in the Castle" in season 4, where Brock's Zubat evolves into Golbat. Pokémon 4Ever: Celebi - The Voice of the Forest: In this movie, Ash has a Bayleaf and Brock has a Crobat. This movie should be seen sometime after episode 201* - "Current Events", where Ash's Chikorita evolves into Bayleef and Brock's Golbat has evolved into Crobat (from episode 198* - Control Freak). Pokémon: Heroes: In this one, Misty is still travelling with Ash and has a Politoed. This movie should be watched sometime after Episode 249* - "Outrageous Fortunes", where Misty's Politoed evolves, but before episode 275*, "Gotta Catch Ya Later!", where Ash, Misty and Brock split. * Episode numbers from some sources may be 2 episodes off, compared to episode numbers here and at, due to two episodes ("Holiday Hi-Jynx" and "Snow Way Out") being aired considerably later than originally intended. See

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In which Pokemon episode ash see misty back?

I don't know?However Misty hasn't been with Ash in any new episodes lately.I wish Misty was with Ash again.I can see pictures of Ash and Misty in love at the internet.I can see Misty in reran Pokemon episodes such as Pokemon I Choose You, Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village, Charmander the Stray Pokemon, and Here Comes the Squirtle Squad.I can also see Misty in old Pokemon movies such as Pokemon the First Movie, Pokemon the Movie 2000, and Pokemon 3 the Movie.

Do you miss the original Pokemon?

I miss the original Pokemon with Ash, Misty, and Brock. Pokemon used to be amazing, and now it's changed over the years. I really miss the original Pokemon. I love Misty and I miss Misty. Pokemon used to be awesome. The new Pokemon is just not the same. I miss the old Pokemon adventures with Misty and Ash. Misty and Ash need to back together again. IT would be awesome if CN brings back the original Pokemon with Ash, Misty, and Brock for some reruns.

When is the new Pokemon episode?

every Saturday

Does misty come back on Pokemon?

Unfortunatlly not. Pokemon Inc. has to keep on moving with new characters. If you ever have any questions about Pokemon you just let me know!

Why does misty leave in Pokemon the cartoon?

Misty left the Pokemon series because her three sisters had won a trip around the world by winning third in a beauty contest, and since they are the Cerulean City gym leaders, they needed someone to take their place. The obvious answer was Misty. So, they made it seem like it would only be temporary, but she has yet still never come back as a main character to the show. :(

Why isn't there a new episode of Pokemon Black and White?

They are making a new season.

Where do you find a bicycle on Pokemon Red version?

You have to talk to the CHAIRMAN of the POKEMON FAN CLUB in VERMILION CITY, he'll give you a BIKE VOUCHER for listening to him, take that to the bike shop in CERULEAN CITY for a new bike.

When is a new episode of Pokemon is coming back on?

in a few days.maybe.....

Is there a episode where Chimchar evolves in English?

there is a new series of Pokemon on the internet its called Pokemon galactic battle in one episode chimchar evolves bye the way the episodes not ot yet a new episode comes out every Sunday

Does dawn meet misty?

Misty and May have met in the episode with Togepi evolving to Togetic. It is very likely that Dawn and May will eventually meet. If they haven't already. After all her Evee does evolve into Glaceon. Misty may have made a couple of other appearances I am unaware of also. As long as the shows succeed they will continue to make new seasons with new females.

When does the new Pokemon episode come out in America?

every week on saturday

Should misty come back to Pokemon?

In my opinion yes. But it's a said truth that she will not be put back on Pokemon. Pokemon Inc. has to keep moving with new characters. If you ever have any questions about Pokemon you just let me know!