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I am not sure but I hope they do M+D forever

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Q: What Pokemon episode does Drew hug may?
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What Pokemon episode did may and drew swim?

Episode 165

What Pokemon episode does May save Drew from drowning?

Pokemon episode 388 - "who, what, when, where, wynaut?"

What Pokemon episode does May and Drew fall down into a river?

Pokemon episode 388 - "Who, What, When, Where, Wynaut?"

What is the name of the Pokemon episode when May and Drew watch the sunset together?

in the episode where may saves drew i think its in the pokemon series

Does Drew become May's Boyfriend in a Pokemon episode and is Solidad jealous?

No, Drew does not become May's boyfriend in any of the aired episodes that shows Drew or May.

In what episode does Brianna ask May if she likes Drew?

Brianna asks May if she likes Drew in Pokemon episode 439. The episode is named Spontaneous Combusken! and aired November 4, 2006.

What Pokemon episode does solidad thinks that drew has feelings for may?

It's in the episode "May We Harley, drew'd ya" hope that helps

What episode did drew get mad at may in Pokemon?

Pokémon, Season-9 Episode- 36, All Pokemon Episodes- 458, Name-Thinning the Hoard

In which Pokemon episode does Drew give May a rose?

who is Drew May's boyfriend? if he is that is wrong. ummm no Drew is not May's boyfriend. He gives roses to May pretending to be giving it to her for her Pokemon but many people think he has a crush on May and vice versa. He has given May roses in many episodes; the first being Season 6, 'Win loose or Drew' Episode 35. If you want to know more about the love stories in Pokemon anime then feel free to visit my blog at

What episode did drew battle may?

Drew and May battled in the grand festival.Anyway it was in episode 456 called: May, We Hardly Drew'd Ya!

What Pokemon episode did drew give may a rose?

There are many First one is in 'Win Loose or Drew' in season 6. go to my blog at for more information.

Who is Drew from Pokemon?

Drew is a character from Pokemon Advaced - Pokemon Battle Frontier.He is a very good coordinator, that in his very first episode became May's rival. He currently has five pokemon,Roselia (Now a Roserade)MasquerainFlygonAbsolButterfreeHe has green hair, and green eyes. He has appeared in a total of twenty episodes. Many people have argued on if May has feelings for Ash or for Drew. I think Drew but that's just me.