Which episode does may kiss drew?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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They don't actually kiss they may be attracted to each other but I've watched Pokemon and I can tell u that there's no episode where they kiss. Oh and if u think they kiss because of some pictures on Photobucket or whatever, those photos may be handmade or created by photoshop.

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Q: Which episode does may kiss drew?
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Which episode did ash and may kiss?

Actually, there isn't an episode where they kiss. Not even on the cheek.

Pokemon advance what episode does drew take a shower?

kiss girls couple

What episode did drew battle may?

Drew and May battled in the grand festival.Anyway it was in episode 456 called: May, We Hardly Drew'd Ya!

Did ash and may kiss in an episode?

yes they did kiss

What Pokemon episode did may and drew swim?

Episode 165

What episode do ash and may kiss?

they never kiss

What episode does may and drew talk in front of the windmill?

episode 10

In what episode does Brianna ask May if she likes Drew?

Brianna asks May if she likes Drew in Pokemon episode 439. The episode is named Spontaneous Combusken! and aired November 4, 2006.

Does may kiss other one is no ash?

No she did not kiss any one but ash in episode 356 or 357 it is called kiss under the mistletoe.But their is a possibility she likes Ash or Drew and i wanted to see that episode but the Americans were not happy about this but if you want to see it badly i suggested you go to japan wait for x-mas and go to TV Tokyo

Does Drew become May's Boyfriend in a Pokemon episode and is Solidad jealous?

No, Drew does not become May's boyfriend in any of the aired episodes that shows Drew or May.

What is the name of the Pokemon episode when May and Drew watch the sunset together?

in the episode where may saves drew i think its in the pokemon series

What Pokemon episode does May save Drew from drowning?

Pokemon episode 388 - "who, what, when, where, wynaut?"