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skarmory, pelliper, altaria and swellow. I'm not sure about the levels but the altaria knows earthquake!

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Q: What Pokemon does the sixth gym leader have on ruby?
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Who is the sixth gym leader in ruby?

Winona, in Fortree City, is the sixth gym leader and uses flying pokémon.

Where is the sixth gym on ruby?

The sixth gym is Winona, the Flying type leader in Fortree City.

Who is the sixth gym leader on Pokemon gold?

The Sixth Gym leader is Chuck, he has a Hiryama and a Poliwrath.

What Pokemon does the 6 gym leader have on Pokemon ruby?

The sixth gym leader is called Tate and Liza, a pair of physic type trainers. They use a Solrock and a Lunatone, both rock and physic type.

Where is Wallace on Pokemon ruby?

In the 8th gym. he is the gym leader

How do you active fly in Pokemon Ruby?

you beat the sixth gym

Where is the sixth gym on Pokemon Game Boy ruby?

The sixth gym in Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire is located in Fortree City. By the Pokemon Center there is a ladder leading to a raised platform and a series of bridges. At the third platform is another ladder. Proceed down it to get to the gym.

Where is my dad in Pokemon ruby?

in the peatalberg gym he is the leader

Where is the eighth gym leader on Pokemon ruby?


Where is the 6th gym leader on Pokemon white 2?

sixth gym laeder

How do you get to the sixth gym leader in Pokemon LeafGreen once inside?

Step on the portals until you get to the gym leader.

Where is the six gym leader in Pokemon ruby?

It is the Fortree Gym. Hope it helps!