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Pikachu= lv 88

Charizard= lv 84

Blastoise= lv 84

Venusaur= lv 84

Lapras= lv 84

Snorlax= lv 84

and espeon= lv 84

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Q: What Pokemon does Red have in Pokemon Gold?
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How do you trade Pokémon Gold to Pokémon Red?

You can't trade Pokemon from Pokemon Gold to Pokemon Red, you can only trade Pokemon from Red to Gold and not the opposite.

In Pokemon gold how do you get Pokemon Red legendaries?

you trade them over from Pokemon red, blue or yellow.

Is Pokemon shiny gold version is original?

No, it is a hack of Pokemon fire red based of Pokemon gold.

How do you get cyndaquil in Pokemon Red?

You cannot get Cyndaquil in Pokemon Red. It is only on Pokemon Silver, Gold, and Crystal.

How do you get the red orb in Pokemon heart gold?

you don't get the red orb in Pokemon heart gold you get the blue orb that you use to get kyogre

How do you beat red in Pokemon Heart Gold easily?

With Pokemon.

Trading Pokemon gold to Pokemon ruby?

Impossible. But, you can trade from firered/leafgreen to ruby, or red to gold.

How can use Pokemon shiny gold cheats?

fire red cheats do not work on Pokemon shiny gold

Is it possible to trade between Pokemon gold and Pokemon fire red?


In Pokemon heart gold can the red gyrados only be a female Pokemon?


Where do you get a red Gyarados on Pokemon platinum?

you don't get one.but you can in Pokemon gold,silver,heart gold,and soul silver.

What Pokemon has red cheeks and yellow body in Pokemon hesrt gold?