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You don't need to have caught any pokemon. All you need is the event or the action replay code to make the event. Then go catch Arceus. You should probably use a master ball or ultra or timer balls.

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Q: What Pokemon do you need before you catch Arceus?
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How do you catch Arceus on soulsliver?

You Need The Arceus From 9th Movie or from Pokemon pearl/d/p

When is the event to catch Arceus in pokemon platinum?

There is no event where you can catch Arceus, you just interact him in the Hall of Origin, but you need to blow on the Azure Flute

Where do you catch arceus in Pokemon platnium?

At spear pillar but to encounter him you need Azure flute

What is a azure flute on Pokemon diamondpearl?

The azure flue is the item you need to catch a certain legendary Pokemon, It allows you to catch Arceus. Without it, you have no chance of catching Arceus without an action replay or code breaker.

How do you get Arceus in Pokemon peril?

In Pokemon Pearl, you need the Azure Flute to get Arceus. First, you need to get the Azure Flute from an event/cheat code, then you need to go to Spear Pillar. Then, after playing the flute, a flight of stairs should appear, allowing you to fight/catch Arceus. Just be careful, Arceus is at level 80.

Can you catch Reshiram before the pokemon leauge?

No. You need to go to the Pokemon league before you can catch it.

How do you catch a wild Arceus in Pokemon Platinum Version?

You need to get the azure flute by wi fi event

Can you catch Arceus in Pokemon white?

No. You need to shift from another generation, if you have one sitting in an old game.

What is the code you need to catch Arceus?

THERE IS NO CODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go to ToyRus to get the place to catch arceus

What is Giritina?

Giratina is a Legandary Pokemon of the Sinnoh Region.It is said to be in the Distortion World.You can catch it normally in Pokemon Platinum,Pokemon Diamond, or Pokemon Pearl.To catch it in Heartgold or Soulsliver,You need a special Arceus.

Can you get shiny Arceus with an action replay code tell you the code explian how do you know it really works?

you need the azure flute to get arceus then you need the shiny Pokemon code on your action replay and cloning code then many arceus Pokemon will appear activate the shiny code and there is a 20 to 40% chance to see on and catch on to catch easily use 100%catch with any pokeball

What is number 493 on the pokedex?

You need to do the event and get a Azure Flute (It's this purple-ish instrument that has lots of holes on it) and then go to Spear Pillar and use it as soon as you get there. Then there will be stairs and then ARCEUS will appear. ARCEUS is REALLY hard to catch so if you don't have a master ball, it's practically impossible to catch.