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Lunatone,Serviper,and i think Lotad im not sure on the last 1

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Q: What Pokemon can you get when you insert sapphire in the gba slot while playing Pokemon diamond?
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How do you make Pokemon from sapphire to Pokemon Diamond?

insert the sapphire cartlige in your ds then the diamond and turn it on. Go into Pokemon diamond and an option should be migrate from sapphire. If this does not happen, there is a possibility that your game is fake. Look further into this via Google.

How do you migrate diamond and sapphire?

You need to complete Pokemon Diamond. At the main menu, insert a Pokemon Sapphire GBA into the GBA slot. Select Migrate from Sapphire and on diamond, catch the migrated species in the Pal Park.

Where can you find a Seviper on Pokemon Diamond?

Route 208, Route 210 (After obtaining the National Pokedex, insert Sapphire cartridge into your DS).

Is it impossible to migrate to Pokemon diamond without an action replay?

no all you have to do is insert Pokemon sapphire,emerald or ruby in to the gameboy slot when you are in the pal park (by route 221)

Do you need the national dex to catch sableye in diamond?

Yes and you need Pokemon Sapphire and insert it in your gameboy slot in your ds and go to iron island.

Where can you find and catch lotad in diamond and pearl?

After obtaining the national Pokedex insert Pokemon Emerald/Ruby/Sapphire into your DS then you can find it on route 203 & 204

How can you trade Pokemon from sapphire to diamond?

you cant trade just migrate you can migrate from any gba Pokemon game you insert the game in the gameboy slot and go to the menu not the start menu and it will say migrate from diamond you have to go to pal park you have to have the national pokedex

On Pokemon Diamond I need a Kyogre where do you find it?

If u have Pokemon Sapphire and have caught Kyorge, once u have accomplished the league on Pokemon Diamond, go to thecatcher zone thingy near the Prof's lab. u have to swim over the wayer and go right. Insert the Pokemon Sapphire game into the bottom of the DS Lite (This must be a DS Lite or it won't work) and go inside the building. That way ur Pokemon from Pokemon Sapphire will be released onto the zone for u to catch! Hope this helps :)

What other games can migrate to Pokemon diamond?

FireRed, LeafGreen, Sapphire, Ruby, and Emerald. Also, certain Pokemon can be found when you insert each of these games into your cartrage (National Dex). Hope I've helped! .:Funkeheap15>.<:.

How do you get growlith on diamond?

you have to insert Pokemon firered.

How do you Zangoose on Pokemon Diamond?

insert Pokemon ruby on i think route 220.

How do you get sableye in Pokemon pearl?

To get Sableye in Pokemon Pearl you will need a copy of Pokemon Sapphire. Insert Pokemon Sapphire into the GBA slot of the DS and turn it on. When you load into Pokemon Pearl wild Sableye should start appearing at Iron Island as long as Pokemon Sapphire is in the GBA slot.