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Most water types can learn that move like tentacool.

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Q: What Pokemon can use dive?
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What PokΓ©mon can use dive?

any water Pokemon can use dive

What Pokemon con use dive on Pokemon ruby?

Most water Pokemon can learn dive.

How do you learn dive in Pokemon FireRed?

Since dive is not a HM in firered you will have to trade a Pokemon to a friend that has ruby, sapphire or emerald then using that game use the HM Dive to teach the move Dive to that Pokemon trade it back so firered can have that Pokemon again it will still have Dive however you cannot use it to dive underwater.

How do you find a diver that can teach your Pokemon dive in Pokemon emerald?

You get the abilty to use the move Dive from Tate and Liza in Mossdeep and then you can teach your Pokemon to Dive! X3 POKEMON-1001

Re can you get dive in Pokemon LeafGreen?

you can not, you can get a Pokemon that knows dive in battle but you cant use it outside of battle.

When your at a regi pokemon's tomb how do you get in?

use dive

Where can I use dive in Pokemon diamond?

In battle.

How do you get to sootapolis in Pokemon Ruby?

Use Dive.

Where can use dive in sapphire?

you need to use a water type pokemon and teach it dive or use action replay

Pokemon LeafGreen can you learn dive?

Dive is not an HM in leafgreen however some Pokemon can learn it on there own, if you want to have a Pokemon with dive have the Pokemon that you want learn dive in ruby or sapphire or emerald then have them trade you it and now you can use dive but not outside of battle because its not an HM.

Is there a place to dive in Pokemon diamond?

No. Dive is an HM in kanto, so you can't use it out of battle. Some Pokemon can learn dive with no Tms or HMs, but you can't use it as a field move.

Were can you use dive in Pokemon Emerald?

When you Surf, you will see dark spots in the sea. You can then use Dive, and go underwater.

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