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Sandshrew lv 33

Sandslash lv 45

Jigglypuff lv 33

Magnemite lv 49

Magneton lv 54

Voltorb lv 40

Electrode lv 46

Koffing lv 33

Staryu lv 37

Typhlosion lv 1

Pineco lv 42

Forretress lv 50

Hitmontop lv 42

Miltank lv 41

Bronzor lv 35

Bronzor lv 38

Magnezone lv 54

Lickilicky lv 57

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Q: What Pokemon can learn gyro ball in Pokemon platinum?
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What level does typhlosion learn gyro ball?

You can only gain Gyro Ball by TM 74 or by going to Pokemon relearner.

Can sandslash learn gyro ball in emerald Pokemon?

Yes, Sandslash can learn Gyro Ball. However, that attack isn't available in Gen 3 games.

What does a giro ball in baseball do?

Check out the 'Gyro Ball' link on this page to learn about the physics of the Gyro Ball.

Can Dialga learn gyro ball?


What steel type moves does pikachu learn?

He can definately learn iron tail and maybe gyro ball. Why? Just catch a steel type pokemon!

What is a gyro sensor?

A gyro sensor is when the pokemon ball comes up and you cant catch it, you use this.

Which moves does magnazone learn in Pokemon Platinum?

The moves that Magnezone can learn via level up in Pokémon Platinum include ones such as Barrier, Tackle, Metal Sound, Mirror Coat, Sonicboom, Thunder Wave, Thundershock, Supersonic, Lock-on, Spark, Screech, Magnet Bomb, Discharge, Magnet Rise, Mirror Shot, Gyro Ball and Zap Cannon.

What Pokemon does the lagging tail go to?

Most likely a fortress because it uses gyro ball and payback.

What is iron ball used for in Pokemon diamond?

Iron Ball cuts the Pokemon's Speed by 50%, and allows Ground attacks to hit the pokemon if it has Levitate or is a Flying type. It's only really useful if you want your pokemon to be very slow, for example to power up Gyro ball.

Where do you get the TM Gyro Ball in Pokemon diamond?

I don't know where you can find gyroball, but you can but it next to the Veilstone game corner for 15000 coins.

How does typhlosion learn gyro ball?

Take it to the Move Tutor and use a Heart Scale.Gyro Ball is a really bad move on Typhlosion, though, because it's got decent Speed.

In Pokemon Platinum witch Pokemon does Saturn have and what are there moves?

1st battle: Lake Valor Golbat, Lv 38 Toxic, Bite, Air Cutter, Supersonic Toxicroak, Lv 40 Revenge, Faint Attack, Mud Bomb, Poison Jab Bronzor, Lv 38 Iron Defense, Gyro Ball, Rock Tomb, Shadow Ball ================================================= 2nd battle: Team Galactic HQ Golbat, Lv 42 Bite, Poison Fang, Air Cutter, Confuse Ray Toxicroak, Lv 44 Brick Break, Faint Attack, X-Scissor, Poison Jab Bronzor, Lv 42 Extrasensory, Gyro Ball, Confuse Ray, Shadow Ball