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You can find Shiny Pokémon in all games except in Red, Blue and Yellow.

The encountering rate depends on each game but they are pretty rare.

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Q: What Pokemon DS games have Shiny Pokemon?
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Pokémon-how to get shining Pokémon in ruby?

in ruby, you cant get shiny Pokemon, that is only for the two Nintendo DS games in ruby, you cant get shiny Pokemon, that is only for the two Nintendo DS games ~THE RIGHT ANSWER~ You CAN get shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Ruby. I caught a green Sandshrew before in Pokemon Ruby.

How do you get shiny Pokemon on Pokemon platnium?

You can catch them (1/8000ish wild pokemon are shiny). You can trade to get them (people normally want shiny for shiny though). You can use pokesav if you have an nds rom and edit your pokemon manually. This is the same if you use a ds emu (a version of the ds that you can play on your computer) or if you've bought an r4 card (this is a fake ds cartridge that you can put sd cards into, by saving ds 'rom' games you can play games on your ds). Most people don't like 'fake' shiny pokemon for some reason. If you want me to 'make' you a shiny pokemon then contact me, I'll make whatever you want. Friend code; 4255 6129 8274 Name; Haruka

On your DS your Pokemon diamond are shiny but when you put them on the wii there not?

They should be shiny.

What is the code for shiny Pokemon on Pokemon Platinum?

in action replay ds select wild pokemons are shiny.

When will Pokemon shiny gold come out for th ds?

Pokemon shiny gold can be only be played on the computer

Is there a way to get shiny Pokemon in Pokemon HeartGold?

Yes the same way you get shiny Pokemon in the other Pokemon games is how you get shiny Pokemon in heartgold. There is a free shiny Pokemon in the lake of rage.

What are the chances of catching a shiny Pokemon if you breed a shiny Japanese Pokemon with a shiny American Pokemon in Pokemon white?

It doesn't matter in any way if the parents are shiny or not, it has absolutely no effect on the chances of a shiny offspring. When breeding two pokemon from different locations (such as one from Japan and one from the US) the shiny chance increases by six times, in Black and White (5 times in the other DS games). So the chances with the above pairing, whether shiny or not, is 1/1366 of having a shiny offspring.

How do you keep your Pokemon shiny without the Action Replay DS?

you can't make Pokemon shiny (Without the actionreplay) you have to find shiny Pokemon --------------------------- Ahaha no. See [Discussion] for more info, please. -Pursuit

Can you get shiny Pokemon on iPod touch Pokemon games?


What indicates a shiny Pokemon?

If on ds, it will show a ring of stars around its head when you see it. same on gameboy. in Pokemon cards it would have a shiny picture of it and a name e.g:SHINING CHARIZARD. cos gameboy advance is like ds, conclude it the same as ds.

How do I get an shiny Pokemon on pearl?

to get shinys on Pokemon pearl you need action replay ds which is £15 in argos once do that go on it and look for shiny Pokemon hope i helped :~) from poke1234

Can you breed a shiny Pokemon?

Yes, shiny pokemon can be breed. However, breeding shiny pokemon does not increase the chances of having shiny offspring, except for in Generation II games.