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A sun stone evolves with a gloom and maybe even a sol rock too in Pokemon ruby.

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Q: What Pokémon does a sun stone evolve in Pokemon Ruby?
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What Pokemon evolve with a thunder stone in Pokemon ruby?


What pokemon can evolve with moon stone in pokemon ruby?


What Pokemon evolve with a water stone in Pokemon ruby?

Lombre can evolve into Ludicolo with a Water Stone (Lombre can also be traded to evolve).

What stone makes a cacnea evolve in Pokemon ruby?

No stone it has to reach lvl38 or so then it will evolve

When does Pikachu evolve on Pokemon ruby?

thunder stone

What Pokemon evolve with the moon stone in Pokemon Ruby?

Skitty evolves into Delcatty through the use of a Moon Stone in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire.

What Pokemon does a leaf stone evolve in Pokemon ruby?

gloom into vileplume.

How do you evolve jigglypuff on pokemon ruby?

Jigglypuff will evolve into Wigglytuff with a Moon Stone.

What does a water stone evolve on pokemon ruby?

Here are all the pokemon that evolve by water stone: Lombre, Evee, Staryu, Shellder.

How do you evolve skitty in Pokemon Ruby?

Use a moon stone.

What can a ruby stone evolve on FireRed?

The stone is not for evolving.You need it to restore the Pokemon Network Center, after that you can trade with Ruby Version.

Which pokemons can evolve with sun stone?

Gloom can! If you give him/her a sunstone it will evolve into a bellosom. If you give it a leaf stone it will evolve into Vileplume.NOTE: This is for Pokemon '''RUBY'''