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This is a summary of the movie: A little girl has a father who is an researcher on ruins and other old artifacts he ends going missing due to the pokemon Unown then the little girl finds the Unown in little puzzle pieces she carelessly plays with them and puts them together this causes her to become the master of an illusionary world with the ability to do whatever she pleases and to top it all off the leader of the Unown is an Entei which happens to be considered her missing father transformed into a legendary pokemon. Ash and friends do there best to convince the girl that her world is entirely fake and that she needs to put an end to it she refuses for quite awhile until she realizes that the Unown and Entei are not real so then Entei is told to get rid of the Unown once and for all and then the spell fades away and at last the little girls father returns.

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Q: What Happens in Pokemon 3000 Spell of the Unknown?
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