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You can sell it to the ore maniac in Icirrus City for 3000 Pokedollars.

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Q: What do you do with the odd keystone in Pokemon black?
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Were do you get an odd keystone in Pokemon SoulSilver?

You can't. The Odd Keystone is only obtainable in Diamond, Pearl and Platinum. You will need to trade a Pokemon with an Odd Keystone to get it on SoulSilver.

On Pokemon pearl where do you find the 2 odd keystone on route 209?

you get an odd keystone underground

What happens when the karate guy does not give you the odd keystone in Pokemon pearl?

The Odd Keystone is given to you by a man on route 208

What is the odd keystone for in Pokemon pearl?

It is for catching Spiritomb.

What do you do with the odd keystone HG?

You take the odd keystone to the hallowed tower and then you get a spiritomb But you have to do other things to. I think you might have to beat the pokemon league

How do you insert the odd keystone into the Hallowed tower in Pokemon platinum?

you press the a button on it when you get the odd keystone. to get spiritomb there,you have to meet 32 people underground.

How do you put odd keystone in Halloed Tower in Pokemon Diamond?

You walk up to the crumbled tower and press "A" and it will say the odd keystone looks like it will fit.

How do you get spritomb in Pokemon pearl?

Talk to 32 people underground and mine for an Odd Keystone. South of Soleacon Town put the Odd Keystone in the Altar. Then, catch your Spiritomb!

What happens if you cant insert the odd keystone in the hallowed tower in Pokemon platinum?

It is impossible to not be able to put the oddkeystone in unless you have a glictch or you click no when putting in the odd keystone

Where do find all the odd keystone in Pokemon diamobd?

Odd Keystone LocationsThe item used to summon Spiritomb.1. By digging in the Sinnoh Underground.2. Using the Dowsing MCHN in Twinleaf Town.3. Black Belt west of Hearthome City gives you one.

You have the odd keystone and have met 100 people but you cant place the odd keystone in the tower?

you have to put the odd keystone in the tower first then meet the people if you dont put the odd keystone in first then you dont get a spirtomb

How do you get cracked stone for Pokemon?

its called a odd keystone. Get it from the karate guy near hearthome city.