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Falcon has kat spade vs skirmish has gorge

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Q: What Halo Mega Bloks sets come with Noble Team?
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What is a noble in halo reach?

There is not a noble on halo there is a noble team. Noble 6 is the main guy in the noble team. Carter (NOBLE 1) is the commando.

What is the newest halo team?

The team from halo reach? That is the noble team, composed of carter, kat, jun, emile, jorge, and noble six, which is you.

Who do you play as in halo reach?

Noble 6 of the Noble team.

How many people are in noble team?

In the Halo Reach Noble Team, there are six members.

Who is noble 7 ON HALO?

There is no noble 7. the team has only 6 spartans in it

Who is the noble one in halo reach?

you are the noble team. its not just you its the whole team (you are still the UNSC though).

Can you be in the noble team in halo reach?

you already are when you are in campaign

Who is noble six in halo reach?

He is a SPARTAN 3 and the character you play as in Halo Reach. He is the sixth and newest member as Spartan NOBLE Team which is why his name is Noble 6 newtest

What are the names of the Spartans on Halo Reach?

There are six Spartans in halo reach part of noble team; Carter - Noble 1 Kat - Noble 2 Jun - Noble 3 Emile - Noble 4 Jorge - Noble 5 Six - Noble 6

What is noble team?

Noble Team is a team of six SPARTAN supersoilders in Halo: Reach. The team is compromised of five Spartan-III's (Carter, Kat, Jun, Emile and Noble Six) and a Spartan-II (Jorge)

What are the names of nobel team from halo reach?

Carter is Noble 1 Kat is Noble 2 Jun is Noble 3 Emile is Noble 4 Jorge is Noble 5 and You are Noble 6

Who is dead by the end of The Most Dangerous Game?

well the answer is is is is is is is is is the whole halo noble team