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There are six Spartans in halo reach part of noble team;

Carter - Noble 1

Kat - Noble 2

Jun - Noble 3

Emile - Noble 4

Jorge - Noble 5

Six - Noble 6

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Q: What are the names of the Spartans on Halo Reach?
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Halo reach bansee?

The banshee is a flying machine in Halo Reach used to kill Spartans in multiplayer.

Is mastercheif on halo reach?

no, Masterchief is not in Halo: Reach. Halo: Reach is set before the discovery of Halo, if you have or Know about the Halo book: The Fall of Reach, it is a closer view of the plant reach. but there are some other Spartans in it!

Is there other Spartans than master chief in halo?

Yes, If you read the books you can tell. There were hundreds of others. There are also Spartans in Halo: Reach.

Did the Covenant beat the Spartans in Halo Reach?

Yes they did. Most Spartans died at Reach, however some Spartans (such as June), were actually missing along with Dr. Halsey.

Can Spartans use all the armor abilities in halo reach?


What is the name of the sniper person in halo reach?

The Spartans name is Jun.

Will elites in halo reach be able to have the same armor abilites as Spartans?


What are the last names of noble team from halo reach?

As Spartans they probably do not have last names. The Navy kidnapped them as children and issued them only their original first name and a three digit call number.

What does the Halo reach legendary edition come with?

the halo reach legendary edition comes with extra armour for Spartans and elites as well as a model of Nobel squad

What will be the last halo game?

currently the latest one will be Halo: Reach, which is set on the planet Reach, where the legendary Spartans fell to their death except the Master chief

Can you kill cat in halo reach?

no, you cannot kill kat, but she can kill you. like she has to me, many times. note: the other spartans in halo reach cannot be killed by you.

How many Spartans are alive in the halo universe?

All of them are dead but the spartan 117. In Halo Reach you go back to a time when there were many Spartans but these Spartans are not as complex as the other ones.