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there is "the fire still burn" on Guitar Hero 2, but "this fire burns" is a GH3 custom off a PC

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Q: What Guitar Hero has this fire burns on it?
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Is through fire and flames on Guitar Hero 3 or Guitar Hero 5?

its on guitar hero III

What happens when a guitar is on fire?

it burns

What is that game that's like guitar hero except its for the computer?

either it's guitar hero III or frets on fire

Is bullet for my valentine on any of the guitar hero games?

Scream, Aim, Fire is included in Guitar Hero World Tour.

What the hardest song on band hero?

Through the Fire and Flames on Guitar Hero 3

Is through the fire and flamesharder on real guitar or Guitar Hero?

I would assume (because there are so little notes to hit on Guitar Hero) that real guitar would be much harder.

Is there a game like Guitar Hero for PC?

Frets on Fire

Which is harder to play through the fire and the flames in Guitar Hero 3 or Jordan from guitar hero 2?

through the fire and flames,im 10 and i beat Jordan with 4 stars!!!

What game other than frets on fire can I play online that's like guitar hero?

guitar hero 3 download it from

Is frets on fire a bot?

No. Frets on Fire is a computer game that mimics Guitar Hero's play style. You can use the keyboard, or connect an Xbox 360 Guitar Hero controller (for some reason they're the only ones that are out-of-the-box compatible with Windows). The difference between Frets on Fire and Guitar Hero is that you can use your own music.

What is the list of guitar heroes'?

guitar hero guitar hero 2 guitar hero rock the 80's guitar hero 3 guitar hero aerosmith guitar hero world tour guitar hero mettalica guitar hero 5 guitar hero van halen dj hero band hero

What is a hard guitar song on Guitar Hero?

Through the Fire and Flames. Note: you have to complete the game in order to get it.