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Q: What 5 letter word goes with an activity or action done so often that one does it without thinking?
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How do you get letter without action replay?

Glitch or Nintendo event

Can you get Oaks Letter in Pokemon Diamond without Action Replay?

no you have to get is from an action replay or go to a Pokemon event

Can you get oaks letter in dimond without action reaplay or event?

sorry, no

How do you get the letter from prof oak to get shaymin without action replay?

Only from event

How can you get prof oak's letter without wi-fi?

get the action replay code

How do i get oak's letter and without have action replay?

be an idiot and go wild!!

In Pokemon pearl how do you get Shaymin without Oaks Letter or Action Replay?

You can trade with someone who has Shaymin, but that's your only option. To get Shaymin, you need Oak's Letter or Action Replay.

How do you get Oaks letter in platinum without action replay?

You can't anymore it's IMPOSSIBLE You can only obtain Oak's letter as a mystery gift. This mystery gift was given at selected cinemas for the Pokemon Shaymin Movie. This event has now ended, making it (for the moment) impossible to get Oak's letter without action replay.

Physical activity for each letter of alphabet?

What phyiscal activity starts with the letter "x"

How do you get oaks letter in Pokemon diamond without the event?

Use the Action Replay go to pokemonaction for the code.

Action that do not require thinking?

It's called an involuntary reaction, such as when you immediately remove your hand when touching a hot surface. F_RXEL PLS MIX IT AND ADD A ONE LETTER

Physical activity that starts with the letter a?

A physical activity is aerobics.