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Actually there is one! All you do is download Penguin Storm. It has a money maker. Puffle Feeder. Bots. You can turn into anyone famous. Turn giant and more.

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Q: Coin cheats that still work in club penguin June 12 2009?
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How do you get free coin cheats on club penguin?

in penguin gold

Club Penguin coin cheats?

There are no cheats to club penguin. Results of trying to could ban the account

What is the code to club penguin cheats?

The three new coin codes are listed below:TogetherBigwhiteShrimp64

Can the Club Penguin 2009 100000000 coin glitch get you banned?

It No Longer works But you can get fast coins using this program Go To Www.Cp Cheats Penguin Money Maker Download Money Maker 3 and get Tons of Coins Fast Good Luck

Are there any unlimited coin cheats on club penguin that work?

they can only work once! so go to toys r us and get club penguin toys!

Where is the best place to find cheats on Club Penguin?

The best place to find cheats on club penguin is actually for members only but it is at my place. but here are some cheats by the way! et.........fart ei.........igloo ep.......puffle s.........sit c.........coin and many more

Coin cheats for Club Penguin?

well the only cheat i know of to get money ON club penguin they found out about that and will ban you and not give you money. but if you go to they have a money maker. another money maker site is called CPcheats also has something called penguin storm that you download and it is full of cheats including a money maker.

Are there any Club Penguin Coin Cheats that actually work where you do not have to do a bunch of downloading?

Sorry, although there are no coin cheats that you can acess without a bunch of downloading and such sort. Youtube has a excellent selection of cheat videos for Club Penguin and cheat codes, although the users that post on Youtube usually post fake information and make whatever happens, happen if they are a techongly freak. Also, the many videos of cheats on Youtube are expired reactions to what you could do in the past. So, Club Penguin probably removed the cheats in order for penguins to play without hacking the site. So, techinally, no there is no way to do a coin cheat without downloading programs such as CP Storm. *I would not recommend hacking Club Penguin as you may get a large amount of ban time, or permanet.

Does anyone know any good Club Penguin money makers or coin cheats that don't require downloads and work well?

There have been many club penguin cheats in the past, but as soon as club penguin staff detect the cheat, it is corrected overnight, or in some cases, in a couple of hours. Therefore, there are no cheats for club penguin that will last more than at least a month. By the time anybody finds them, cp staff will have already detected the problem, and made it right.

What is a coin code on Club Penguin?

the code is,"12684" but i wont be sure it can still be used

Are there any coin cheats left in club penguin on July 1st?

got to microchip123s website he has a money maker it works i got ALOT of coins from it

What is Fastjordans Club Penguin Cheats Team?

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