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No. The people committing the massacre were to blame for the massacre. Video Games, crummy childhood, "the devil made me do it" ... all are simply attempts to avoid blame for their own actions. It should be noted that thousands of people played the same video games and yet somehow managed to NOT go out and murder people.

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Q: Were video games to blame for massacre?
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Who was to blame for the peterloo massacre?

It's your own opinion

Why is Main stream media not blaming violent movies and video games for shootings?

You are an idiot if you think they are to blame.

Who was to blame for the Jones town massacre?

The Jewish-Zionist-Rothschild dynasty

Why has no one blamed the Batman film itself for the Batman film massacre?

We can blame it on the film, the video game, guns, or anything else. The fact of the matter is the guy was a nut case and that is that plan and simple.

Can you make a video on the Boston Massacre on the Mac computer with no sound needed in the video that must prove whether the Boston massacre was a massacre or a propaganda?

Yes, you can make a video on any subject without sound, but to make a convincing video about whether or not the Boston Massacre was a massacre or propaganda would take a lot of research into the Boston Massacre that supports your thesis about which it was. Also, you might consider adding sound, since it would make the video much more interesting than writing words on the video that people would have to read.

Why does society blame gang violence on violent rap lyrics and video games?

Because most of the people either. A.) Do not like either rap or video games. or B.) Are bad parents but need something to blaime on their kids bad behavior. But it's mostly, people feel they need to put blame on something that has little to do with gang violence. And, ontop of that, they love to blame things people enjoy, for bad things

Did bullying cause columbine massacre?

It is believed to be part of the problem, but those kids, Eric and Dylan were psychopaths. They played way too many video games, and got into a lot of bad stuff, they were vandals, they drank, and theywere just totally twisted. I dont think you can blame any one thing for the reson they decided to do what they did

Who is to blame for the massacre that followed the Battle of Wyoming during the American Revolution?

The massacre was carried out by the Iroquois and the Loyalists unit called Butler's Rangers led by Colonel John Butler.

What are the ratings and certificates for The Massacre of Glencoe - 1971?

The Massacre of Glencoe - 1971 is rated/received certificates of: UK:PG (video)

What is meant by the system blame approach in sociology?

It's where the blame is placed on the whole "system" rather than on a possibly guilty individual or small faction of the "system" Ex. Blaming school shootings on video games rather on the perpatrators

Is it okay to play video games?

Yes, it is perfectly fine to play video games. Despite what the media may say to demonize and blame video games, it has nothing to do with video games. Video games, as we all know, are fake. We know the difference between what's reality and what's fake. We all know, for example, that in Grand Theft Auto, running somebody over in a video game may be perfectly fine, but that would not spark the idea that it is okay to run somebody over in real life. Additionally, if you have health problems, it is still okay to play video games - just be sure to be active on occasions and take frequent breaks!

What do people blame on video games?

Because some people don't like video games so they don't want us to either, they blame a lot of things on video games. Here's a list: # violence in teenagers # more bad language # poor test scores # short attention spans Improv: As stupid it may be some people "idolise" game characters, so people want to be like them, if they have violence in the game, they copy. Same things goes if drugs are involved with a game, someone may even copy them with that.