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you have to go to the three lakes of sinnoh. uxie goes to varity lake, azelf goes to valor, and mesprit goes to the lake by twinleaf or you could just go to sunnyshore gym.

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Q: Were to go after you release the three legendary Pokemon from team galatic HQ?
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How do you free the three legendary Pokemon in Pokemon diamond to get to the seventh badge?

Go to the team galatic base after battling the boss... P.S. I forgot the name

Pokemon Pearl how do you release the three legendary Pokemon?

on Pokemon pearl you only see 1

What are the three legendary Pokemon in emerald?

Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza. Groudon is the fire legendary pokemon, Kyogre is the water legendary pokemon, and Rayquaza is the air legendary pokemon.

How can you get the three legendary Pokemon in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Yes you can.

In Pokemon platinum what do you do after you have freed the three legendary Pokemon?

try to catch your legendary. It varies on which legendary depending on what starter you chose.

What happens you get the three legendary in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Nothing happens after that. You just caught the three legendary roaming Pokemon in the Johto Region.

How many legendary Pokemon on Pokemon sapphire?

The amount of available catchable legendary pokemon is three: Kyogre, Latias, Rayquaza.

What legendary Pokemon is Pokemon LeafGreen?

# Articuno # Zapdos # Moltres # Mewtwo # and one of three legendary dogs (depending on your starter Pokemon)

Can you get the three legendary dog Pokemon in Pokemon Yellow?

No. They were made after Pokemon Yellow.

What kind of rare Pokemon are there in Pokemon LeafGreen?

The three legendary birds, moltres zapdos and articuno and mewtwo and one of the three legendary dogs depending on your starting Pokemon and deoxys

What is the action replay code for the three legendary cats?

there are no 3 legendary cats in Pokemon try 3 legendary dogsThe Pokemon company said that they were cats.

Can you catch the three legendary dogs in Pokemon platinum?