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you cannot find Victreebell in fire red at all. Leaf green has bellsprout,weepinbell,and victrebell(leaf stone). Fire red has oddish,gloom,vileplum(leaf stone),or bellosom(sun stone,gotton in ruin vally five island).

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Q: Were to find victreebel in Pokemon firered?
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What Pokemon does the fourth gym leader have in Pokemon FireRed?

Victreebel♀ Lv29, Tangela♀ Lv24, and Vileplume♀Lv29

What type is the Pokemon Victreebel?

Victreebel is a leaf Pokemon, and its type is Grass-Poison.

What pokemon evolves with leaf stone in pokemon FireRed?

The Leaf Stone may be used on Gloom, (evolving it to Vileplume,) Weepinbell, (evolving it to Victreebel,) and Exeggcute, (evolving it to Exeggutor,) in Pokemon Fire Red.

Where to number 242 in Pokemon ranger shadows of almia?

the Pokemon is victreebel and you find him in hippowdon temple

What grass Pokemon are in Pokemon FireRed?

Bulbasaur Ivysaur Venasaur Oddish Gloom Vileplume Paras Parasect Bellsprout Weepinbell Victreebel Exeggcute Exeggutor Tengela Bellossom Hoppip Skiploom Jumpluff

Where can you find a sandslash in Pokemon FireRed?

You cant find it in Firered only leafgreen.

On Pokemon FireRed how do you find staryus?

Staryu is a water type Pokemon. In Pokemon FireRed, it is possible to find lots of Staryus in the Seafoam Islands.

Where do you find a piloswine in Pokemon FireRed?

You cannot find Piloswine in the wild on Pokemon FireRed. You can find it's pre-evolved form Swinub in Icefall Cave on Floe Island in the Sevii Islands of Pokemon FireRed.

Where do you find serebii in Pokemon FireRed?

Celebi cannot be found in Pokemon FireRed. The only way to get Celebi in Pokemon FireRed is receiving it from an event distribution. These events are sadly no longer supported for Pokemon FireRed.

Where do you find sudowood in Pokemon FireRed?

It's not possible to find Sudowoodo in Pokemon FireRed. You will need to trade for one from a Pokemon Emerald game-save.

Where do you find a Yamna in Pokemon FireRed?

Yanma can't be found in Pokemon FireRed or Pokemon LeafGreen; it is strictly a fourth generation Pokemon.

Where can you find TM Dragon Claw in Pokemon FireRed?

You can find TM Dragon Claw on Victory Road in Pokemon FireRed (Kanto).