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Oh, God... XD Been awhile. Umm... the President of Silphco gives it to you.... I think?

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Q: Were is the master ball Pokemon Yellow?
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Master ball Pokemon Yellow?

In Silph Tower

Where do you get the master ball in Pokemon Yellow?

In Lavender town's mart.

When should you use the master ball in Pokemon Yellow?

Mewtwo I guess????

Can you get a free master ball on Pokemon Yellow?

Yes but you can only get 1.

Can you transfer master ball?

Yes, if you have a Pokemon hold a Master Ball and then trade the Pokemon, you will have transfered the Master Ball.

Do you need a masterball to get in to the 8th gym in Pokemon Yellow?

No, you do not need a Master Ball in order to enter into the Viridian City Gym which is also Giovanni's Gym, you are not required to use the Master Ball or currently have the Master Ball in your possession in order to accomplish anything in Pokémon Yellow.

Where do you get the second master ball in Pokemon Pearl?

where do you get the second master ball in Pokemon pearl

What is the master ball cheat?

trade a friend a pokemon and his pokemon holding a master ball

Can you get a master ball at the Pokemon center?

No, there's no Master Ball available at Pokemon Centers.

Is there a light ball in Pokemon Yellow?

There is no Light Ball item in Pokemon Yellow.

If you catch a Pokemon with a master ball and breed it will it be holding a master ball or not?

no it won't be holding a master ball cos when you used the master ball to catch a certain Pokemon, the master ball will be gone in your inventory because it is a consumable.

If you relese a Pokemon that was caut with a master ball do you get the master ball in Pokemon pearl?

No, you don't get it back.