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going to the Pokemon league on a sandbar

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Q: Were do you find the dive ball in Pokemon platinum?
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Where to find dive in Pokemon Platinum?

In Platinum, Diamond, and Pearl they removed Dive.

Where can you find hm dive on Pokemon Platinum?

first you will need a grotle lv it up to lv.25 then talk to pr.rowan then he will give it to you (only Pokemon platinum)

Where do you get smoke ball Pokemon platinum?

You find or get it at Route 210.

Where to find master balls in Pokemon Platinum?

you can not get a master ball in Pokemon platinum only the one professor Rowan gives you

Where to find a dive ball in Pokemon Ruby?

You can get Dive Balls from the News Press guy in Solaceon Town for showing him a specific pokemon each day but they are rare. The easiest way is to transfer a pokemon from Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald that is holding a Dive Ball via Pal Park.

Pokemon Platinum how to get a light ball?

It is really hard to get one. On Pokemon Platinum you need to find PIchu/Pikachu and catch it or use thief and if your lucky enough it will be holding a light ball. I

On Pokemon Emerald How do you get Relicanth?

you can catch it with dive ball/ great ball and you can found them with diving in the underground in sootopolis city

On Pokemon platinum where do you get TM53?

You can find TM53 energy ball on the battle tower and on route 226.

How do you find your first master ball in Pokemon platinum?

Defeat Cyrus at the Veilstone Galactic Building.

Where do you find a masterball in Pokemon platinum?

After you beat Cyrus at the Galactic HQ, he will give you one Master Ball.

Where can you find a master ball on Pokemon platinum?

You get it when you beat the Galaxy Leader in the Base in Veilstone City. He brings it to you!

Can your character on Pokemon platinum go underwater with the move dive?

there is a attack dive which my wailord learned in level 46